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Tutt may refer to:

  • T (linguistics), the time of utterance in linguistics
  • Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough, in meteorology
  • Tutt Library at Colorado College
TUTT (linguistics)

In linguistics, T (always written as uppercase T plus uppercase UTT in subscript) is an abbreviation for the time of utterance, the primary temporal reference in establishing tense.

Grammatical tense represents the contrast between two measurements along the timeline of an utterance, with one of those measurements being the time of utterance T (the time at which the actual utterance is made). T is always the primary point of reference for tense. There are three additional references to which T can be contrasted: T — the time of assertion, T — the time of completion, and T — the time of evaluation; these are secondary references. The type used for the secondary reference is determined by aspect and type of utterance.