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n. (context geology English) mesa formed by a volcano under a glacier.

Tuya (queen)

Tuya (also called Tuy or Mut-Tuya) was the wife of Pharaoh Seti I of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt and mother of Tia, Ramesses II, and perhaps Henutmire.

She was the daughter of Raia who was a military officer based on his title of Lieutenant of the chariotry. Tuya's daughter, Princess Tia, was married to a high-ranking civil servant who was also called Tia.

As the mother of Ramesses II, she enjoyed a privileged existence of a respected king's mother and was allowed the opportunity to correspond with the Hittite royal court after the Year 21 peace treaty between Egypt and Hatti put in place by Ramesses II.


A tuya is a type of distinctive, flat-topped, steep-sided volcano formed when lava erupts through a thick glacier or ice sheet. They are somewhat rare worldwide, being confined to regions which were covered by glaciers and had active volcanism during the same period.

Lava that erupts under a glacier cools very quickly and cannot travel far, so it piles up into a steep-sided hill. If the eruption continues long enough, it either melts all the ice or emerges through the top of the ice and then creates normal-looking lava flows that make a flat cap on top of the hill. Discovering and dating the lava flows in a tuya has proven useful in reconstructing past glacial ice extents and thicknesses.

Tuya (disambiguation)

Tuya is a distinctive, flat-topped, steep-sided volcano.

Tuya may refer to:

  • Tuya Butte, a flat-topped volcano in northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Queen Tuya, an ancient Egyptian queen
  • Tjuyu, the wife of Yuya who is often referred to as Tuya
  • "Tuya" (song), a 2007 song by Jennifer Peña
  • Tuya Lake, a lake in northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Tuya River, a river in northern British Columbia, Canada
Tuya (song)

"Tuya" is a Latin pop ballad written by Jennifer Peña and her now-husband, Obie Bermúdez, and produced by Peña and Sebastian Krys. Released in August 2007, it was the second single from Peña's album Dicen Que El Tiempo and became the bigger hit of the two singles released from the album. It peaked at #5 on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart, making it Peña's biggest hit since 2004's " Vivo y Muero en Tu Piel," and her third biggest hit overall. The music video stirred up some controversy due to its portrayal of both heterosexual and homosexual couples in love. Cumbia, dance, and reggaeton remixes were released in support of the single.

Usage examples of "tuya".

Gold from Zimbao and Punt, ivory from the southern plains of grass or from the forests along the great river, hides and dried meat, salted fish from the lakes, wine and oil from the terraced gardens of Zeng, copper from the hills of Tuya, and salt from pans along the west shores of the lakes, tin from the juncture of the two rivers, corn from the middle kingdom in baskets of woven cane, sun stones from the southern river of the crocodile, iron bars from the mines of Sala - and slaves, thousands upon thousands of human beings treated as domestic animals.

A treaty that granted all the land between the great river and the hills of Tuya to the men of Opet in return for five bolts of linen and twenty swords of iron.

He visto a hombres de piel aún más lisa que la tuya, pero es la primera vez que veo a un hombre blanco sin pelo.