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Tupã (mythology)

Tupa (also Tupã, Tupave or Tenondete) is the name of the supreme god in the Guaraní creation myth. Tupa is also the word in the Guaraní language that means "god". Tupã is considered to be the creator of the universe, and more specifically the creator of light. His residence is the Sun.


Tupa, Tupá, or Tupã can refer to:

  • Tupã (mythology) (Guaraní mythology)
  • Tupã, São Paulo, city in São Paulo state, Brazil
  • Tupá, a village and municipality in Levice District, Slovakia
  • Tom Tupa, NFL football player
  • Ron Tupa, member of the Colorado Senate
  • Lobelia tupa, a species of flower
  • TUPA, ICAO designation for Auguste George Airport, British Virgin Islands
  • Tupa, a fictional city in The Empire of Great Kesh, in the Riftwar finctional universe

Tupá is a village and municipality in the Levice District in the Nitra Region of Slovakia.