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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tump \Tump\, n. [W. twmp, twm, a round mass or heap, a hillock.] A little hillock; a knoll.


Tump \Tump\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tumped (?; 215); p. pr. & vb. n. Tumping.]

  1. To form a mass of earth or a hillock about; as, to tump teasel.

  2. To draw or drag, as a deer or other animal after it has been killed. [Local, U. S.]


Etymology 1 n. (context British rare English) A mound or hillock. vb. To form a mass of earth or a hillock about. Etymology 2

vb. 1 (context transitive Southern US English) to bump, knock (usually used with "over", possibly a combination of "tip" and "dump") 2 (context intransitive Southern US English) To fall over. 3 (context US dialect English) To draw or drag, as a deer or other animal after it has been killed. Etymology 3

n. (context uncommon English) A tumpline.


Tump may refer to:

  • Falling over ( the bird bath is falling over)
  • Tump is an English word meaning a hillock, mound, barrow or cumulus
  • TuMP, a new coinage signifying a hill in the UK with a 30-metre prominence.
  • Tump, a rock band from Austin, Texas.
  • "The Tump", a location in the fictional city-state of Ankh-Morpork in the Discworld series.

Usage examples of "tump".

By the time the meat train reached the tump station, Karina was at bursting point.

The path of the tump straightened out over the next few minutes, but soon showed a marked tendency to the right.

The foothills were exposed and, although Haleka halted the tump in a shallow declivity, the air was cool and breezy.

Karina crawled over to the tump and nestled up against the rough hide which provided some small warmth and shelter.

I thought, maybe it would make the tump more easy for you to control, if I.

The tump to her left gave a convulsive heave, and the attendant was missing from its back.

The tump was wriggling now, moving away as though the pain of its wound and the savagery of the fighting was too much.

Still the tump undulated forward, an irresistible mountain of meat, moving relentlessly downhill, towards the coastal plain.

The two cars drew up and the workers rushed for the damaged track, some gathering around the tump and trying to lead it away from the wreckage.

Work went on through the night, and shortly before dawn Haleka was able to ride the tump through the gap, while the Specialists lay in exhausted sleep.

Haleka dozed on the back of the tump which, as though realizing there was no longer any urgency, had slowed to a crawl.

Karina gazed down towards the ocean, where the slumped silhouette of Haleka could be seen atop his doomed tump, and her eyes filled with tears.

The tump had halted at the beach for a short rest before its death plunge.

The sun was sinking behind him, and the tump cast a huge shadow across the sand left wet by the outflowing tide.

It might have been a big rock, but it could have been another tump in a similar predicament.