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Usage examples of "tuak".

Arnolf Tuak, the hapless owner of the locker, was hauled off to the brig.

In the silence, I considered Tuak and Rogoff, our two other condemned souls.

A few minutes later Tuak arrived, hands cuffed in front of him, his upper arm firmly in Mr.

Seaman Tuak shambled into the cabin, face purple, eyes bulging, rattling the cuffs that bound hands and feet.

Seaman Rogoff pulled himself into the cabin to hold me while Tuak came near.

Crossburn had left the subject of Miningcamp and was asking about the execution of sailors Tuak and Rogoff.

There were no drums, no chimes or gongs, not even a single gutshi of raki or tuak to drink.

As we pass each front door of the twenty-odd homes that make up the longhouse, we are offered a drink of tuak, homemade moonshine that would probably do wonders as nail polish remover.