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n. (plural of tub English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tub)

Usage examples of "tubs".

Cat rolled several of the tubs up to the wall and made the peasant help her stack them into a pyramid.

Then she stopped at stacks of round wooden tubs filled with various types of oil.

But the See No Evil was a chaos of broken furniture and rice mortars, parts of looms, tools, lumber, mildewed account books, stacks of dusty tubs and earthenware jugs and torn straw matting.

Someone else crashed into a pile of empty tubs and fell with a splash into the mud.

Kasane and the tubs and bales that made up the cargo slid down the shallow bilge, ending in a heap in the bow.

A shrill quarrel erupted in the kitchen, where pots and tubs and ladles rattled as though a minor tremor had settled there on a semipermanent basis.

He kept secret the fact that many of them had returned in casket tubs slung from poles and carried by porters.

The young man crouched behind a stack of empty tubs in the alley next to the distillery to wait and to speculate on the entire bewildering affair.

She knew they must be hiding behind the big tubs of water on the roofs or behind fences or in the narrow side streets, but she could see no one.

He was fond of tubs, and fond of bathrooms in general, but his fondness was usually limited to his own tubs in his own bathrooms.

He found himself remembering tales he had first heard as a child at Casterly Rock, of mad Lady Lothston who bathed in tubs of blood and presided over feasts of human flesh within these very walls.

A couple of tall coolers held tubs of perishables, with a chest freezer squeezed in between them.

As Jack answered politely, he saw Tubs shiver, and he repressed a smile.

Short-Jump and Tubs were first off the platform as the elevator halted, and the sliding doors moved out to admit them onto the ballroom floor.

He had a split second before Tubs let out a cry of anguish, and both the crew of the Montreal and the hired thugs rushed him.