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Tulk is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Augustus H. Tulk (1810–1873), Australian librarian, son of Charles Augustus Tulk
  • Beaton Tulk (born 1944), Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Charles Augustus Tulk (1786–1849), English Swedenborgian and politician
  • Derek Tulk (born 1934), English cricketer

Usage examples of "tulk".

But the woman had been unwilling, and for disloyalty to the baron, Hutter had made Tulk shoot her in the head.

Tulk replied, resenting the patrician attitude of Hutter, who thought of himself as the father of his people, and acted accordingly.

Tulk knew how much Hutter was anticipating the arrival of Ayesha, and had almost walked in on the baron masturbating while he repeated her name like a mantra.

If there was one thing of which Hutter was certain, it was that Tulk wouldn't live long when they returned to Summerfield.

The lead wags in both convoys, stop-starting in a stuttering procession, reached a point where they were about thirty yards apart when Hutter signaled to Tulk to stop.