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Tunu, originally Østgrønland ("East Greenland"), was one of the three counties (amt) of Greenland until 31 December 2008. The county seat was at the main settlement, Tasiilaq. Population in 2005 was around 3,800.

The county was made up of two former municipalities, Ammassalik Municipality and Illoqqortoormiut, while part of the Northeast Greenland National Park covered the northern half of the county.

It was bordered in the east by the Greenland Sea, Norwegian Sea, Denmark Strait and the North Atlantic Ocean. To the west lies Kitaa.

Usage examples of "tunu".

The family consisted of the parents, Tohon and his wife Huyana, their son Tunu, and their daughter, Yoki, who was about five or six years old.

After Tunu painfully introduced himself and his family to me, pointing to each in turn and carefully pronouncing each name several times in his labored, dry whisper, his father led me to their home.

He sent Tunu scampering out along the big branch toward a smaller limb where thick clusters of needles grew.

I grabbed for his rifle, and as he tried to pull it back from me, Tunu leaped at the soldier and knocked him off his feet.

The plastic armor dented, then cracked, as Tunu pounded at it again and again.

In addition, there were three dead dragonboys, Jin and Tunu of the 66th, and Bryon of the 109th, stabbed through the heart by an imp.