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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tule \Tu"le\, n. [Mex.] (Bot.) A large bulrush ( Scirpus lacustris, and Scirpus Tatora) growing abundantly on overflowed land in California and elsewhere.


n. 1 (taxlink Schoenoplectus acutus species noshow=1), a giant freshwater sedge of western North America 2 A type of chinook salmon which spawns in the (w: Columbia River) basin

Tule (disambiguation)

Tule is a plant ( Schoenoplectus acutus) and a term referring to tule fog, a weather phenomenon of California's Central Valley, as well as the following United States places:


  • Tule Desert (Arizona), in Coconino County
  • Tule Mountains, in Yuma County


  • Los Tules, a populated place in San Diego County
  • Tule Creek, California, a stream that roughly parallels the first few miles of California State Route 371
    • Tule Valley, California, in Riverside County (originally Round Valley)
  • Tule Lake Basin, in Modoc County, near the 42nd parallel north
    • Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, an open water/croplands preserve of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Tule Lake War Relocation Center, a Japanese American internment camp of World War II
    • Tulelake, California, a city in Siskiyou County and namesake of the Tulelake Basin Joint Unified School District & Tulelake Municipal Airport
  • Tule River, in Tulare County, which was named for the Spanish tulare, the place of tules .
    • Tule River Indian Tribe of the Tule River Reservation
  • Tule Station, California, a former settlement in Inyo County


  • Tule Lakes, twin reservoirs separated by the Upper Tule Lake Dam in Arapahoe County


  • Tule Valley (Montana), the course of Tule Creek in Roosevelt County


  • Tule Desert (Nevada), in Lincoln County
  • Tule Springs, a series of lakes in the Mojave Desert
    • Tule Springs Archaeological Site, a National Register of Historic Places listing in Clark County, Nevada
    • Tule Springs Ice Age Park, fossil beds which the Protectors of Tule Springs Wash lobby to be a national monument
    • Tule Springs Ranch, a National Register of Historic Places listings in Nevada partly in the archaeological site
  • Tule Springs Hills, a mountain range in Lincoln County
  • Tule Valley (Nevada), on Pine Creek, Elko County

New Mexico:

  • Little Tule Lake, in Curry County


  • Tule Lake Valley, in Klamath County


  • Tule Canyon, a scenic area near Texas State Highway 207.
    • Tule Formation, the paleontological location of an extinct horse species ( Equus francisci)
  • Tule Creek, a river with the Mckenzie Dam/Reservoir, which is in Briscoe County
  • Tule Lake Turning Basin, in Nueces County
  • Tule Pens, a road intersection in Briscoe County


  • Tule Valley, Utah, an area of several valleys in the Great Salt Lake subregion
  • Tule Valley (basin), in Millard County and the area of a desiccated paleolake


  • Tule Lake (Washington), in Whitman County

Usage examples of "tule".

They took out all the tule reeds that served as a carpet and they burned them, then they gathered all the cooking baskets and hung them from the rafters.

She tiptoed, she peered, she separated the stalks of the tule reeds and peered.

We ought to find enough flat tule reeds somewhere on this stream to weave me a new pair of slippers.

As the people sleep, all ten of them, the mice scatter punk-wood around and pitch, punkwood and pitch and broken bits of tule reeds.

Now they came to a stream and there were many tule reeds growing along the bank.

THIS COYOTE had come from way up north, and he had never seen slippers made of tule reeds.

So Coyote took off his moccasins and put the tule slippers on his feet.

It was a very large lake, and the shores were covered with tall tule reeds.

Silver Fox then made some tule reeds come by his thinking, and he gave those to Coyote.

Coyote then returned to the corners of the world and tried to drive the sticks of tule into the ground, but they kept bending and breaking.

So Silver Fox took pity on him and gave him another cane of tule to chew on, and he started.

That tule is not nourishing enough for me, what with all the hard work I do for the world!

COYOTE had come from way up north, and he had never seen slippers made of tule reeds.

Silver Fox took pity on him and gave him another cane of tule to chew on, and he started.

He had been wearing his beard in the jawline style of the Tule domain, Dev noted, but patchy stubble darkened his cheeks now.