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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English tord "piece of excrement," from Proto-Germanic *turdam (cognates: Middle Dutch torde "piece of excrement," Old Norse tord-yfill, Dutch tort-wevel "dung beetle"), from PIE *drtom, past participle of root *der- (2) "to split, peel, flay, tear;" thus "that which is separated ("torn off") from the body" (compare shit (v.) from root meaning "to split;" Greek skatos from root meaning "to cut off; see scatology). As a type of something worthless and vile, it is attested from mid-13c. Meaning "despicable person" is recorded from mid-15c.\n\nA tord ne yeue ic for eu alle ["The Owl and the Nightingale," c.1250]\n

\nAlle thingis ... I deme as toordis, that I wynne Crist.

[Wyclif, Phil. iii.8, 1382; KJV has "I count all things ... but dung, that I may win Christ"]


n. 1 (context mildly vulgar English) A piece of solid animal or human feces. 2 A pejorative term, typically directed at a person.


n. obscene terms for feces [syn: crap, dirt, shit, shite, poop]

Usage examples of "turd".

Longarm knew as he rolled the back-shot back-shooter face-up in the grass that he and Pat, between them, had killed the skinny cuss deader than a turd in a milk bucket.

My officers and a bunch of tourists here to play craps, poker, and the slots saw nothing but a wild jaguarondi and a hawk attacking some turds with guns who were trying to kidnap a lady.

The things were full of cobwebs and dead insects and rat turds, poorly lit by the occasional inward-looking peephole or narrow slits or oillets in the exterior masonry.

Not shoddy trickery, dubbed gasps, rubber turds and vials of milk concealed in the ear and shots of Yohimbine sneaked in the wings.

Only from this unclouded vantage, we maintained, could humanity finally rise out of its repetitious history of turds and turmoil and realize that mighty goal of One World.

AI telotaxis was about as subtle as the metaphorical turd in the proverbial punchbowl, Isozaki-san.

TV, holding a turd in his hands, telling you the hairy people scurrying around the bike paths and Dumpsters of our fair burg are probably Neanderthal, from the Middle Paleolithic period, and that they have been surviving on a diet of pizza crusts, unchewed insects, and pigeon eggs.

Zeldo lingered unremovably on the doorstep of the mind, like a steaming turd left behind by a stray dog.

Dog turd was especially popular, particularly dried white dog turd, from which the popular Renaissance medicine Album Graecum was made.

Enzian, which is one of many Herero words for shit, in this case a large, newly laid cow turd.

Above him, where his body had turned, facedown, to float like the hugest of turds, I affixed the seat with new dowels.

A pure-bred Pomeranian everyone hated except my mom, who really doted on the little turd.

They just sat on the tundra like huge turds, with adults and grotesque kids lumbering everywhere.

You should see these hairy-jawed throwbacks, these turd lookalikes, honking and chomping at the trough.

But to have her lifted up in the gown of the victim, through which her limbs can be seen, to make a public display of her before the dregs of humanity we have got here, this bare-arsed scum from Locris and Aetolia, this beastly rabble from Boeotia and Attica, these rapists and butter-eaters from Epirus, these turds from Thessaly who come to take part in a military expedition armed only with hay-forks, is it for this I raised her?