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n. (plural of tur English)

Usage examples of "turs".

Word filtered down to the suppressed on Rugarian, Deski, Iginish, Turs and Terran home worlds, and on the compulsorily colonized planets.

One of the Turs gobbled his down as if he hadn't eaten in days ‘He didn't know the Cats had packed us rations,’ Lenny said.

The ones on the ground were mainly aliens: the goblinesque, squatty Turs, never very pleasant to deal with and given more to grunts than words, some hairy Rugarians and the green-skinned Morphins.

He was glad to be rid of the Turs, sullen argumentative bastards, and the Morphins had always been difficult to deal with in the barracks at Barevi.

So they formed a human ‘lift' system for the escapees: humans, Deskis and Rugarians, three green Morphins and two Turs, the goblins who were so short that Zainal was slinging them up.

Not that she found herself kindly disposed towards the Turs, who regarded the water with great suspicion until she took a sip herself and deposited the cup on the ground beside them.

She'd noticed Deskis, Rugarians, more Turs and some odd-looking troglodytes she hadn't ever seen on Barevi.

As they were in the same barn for that job, she saw how he handled the different species: the forty Deskis with dignity, the twenty-nine Morphins with a cool, diffident manner, and the thirty-eight Turs with a sharp, very Cattenish delivery.

So far the colony had been able to absorb both quantities and alien species, though they had followed Zainal's suggestion to let the belligerent and uncooperative Turs go off on their own in the small groups in which they arrived.

He also widened the perimeter guard in case of infiltration, warning them vaguely that someone had seen Turs prowling about.

Zainal waded in to fetch some of the nearer skeletons which were identified as loo-cow, rocksquat, Turs and another human skull, still partly attached to its neck.

You know,” and he scratched his head, contorting his features as the sort of prelude that Kris decided was his way of leading up to an utterance of a diplomatic suggestion, “we might take a page from the Catteni book of colonial administration and drop the next bunch of Turs into one of those valleys.

A few spare Deski, Rugarians, half a dozen Ilginish and some Turs for good measure.

Then we'll need another valley for a bunch of Turs we had to bring along, too.

A former marine sergeant, Chuck Mitford, took charge of the mixed group, which included sullen Turs, spider-like Deski, hairy Rugarians, vague IIinish, gaunt Morphins, with humans in the majority.