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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tuff \Tuff\, n. (Min.) Same as Tufa.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

advertiser's spelling of tough (adj.), attested by 1940.


Etymology 1 a. (eye dialect of tough English) Etymology 2

n. (context rock English) A light porous rock, now especially a rock composed of compacted volcanic ash varying in size from fine sand to coarse gravel.


n. hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash [syn: tufa]


Tuff (from the Italiantufo) is a type of rock made of volcanic ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption. Following ejection and deposition, the ash is compacted into a solid rock in a process called consolidation. Tuff is sometimes called tufa, particularly when used as construction material, although tufa also refers to a quite different rock. Rock that contains greater than 50% tuff is considered tuffaceous.

Tuff is a relatively soft rock, so it has been used for construction since ancient times. Since it is common in Italy the Romans used it often for construction. The Rapa Nui people used it to make most of the moai statues in Easter Island.

Tuff can be classified as either sedimentary or igneous rocks. They are usually studied in the context of igneous petrology, although they are sometimes described using sedimentological terms.

Tuff (rock)
Tuff (band)

Tuff is an American glam metal band formed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona, by guitarist Jorge DeSaint, drummer Gary Huckaby, and bassist Todd Chase. After drummer Gary Huckaby left the group in 1985 to work with another local project, the band enlisted drummer Michael Lean and vocalist Terry Fox, who left the band shortly afterwards to pursue an ice skating career. With replacement vocalist Jim Gillette, the band recorded a four-track EP entitled Knock Yourself Out (1986). However, Gillette soon departed to form Nitro and was replaced by Stevie Rachelle.

Tuff (disambiguation)

Tuff is a type of rock consisting of consolidated volcanic ash ejected from vents during a volcanic eruption.

Tuff may also refer to:

  • Tuff (name)
  • Tuff, a fictional character from the anime Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
  • Calcareous tuff, a sedimentary rock
  • Tuff (band), an American musical group
  • "Tuff", a 1961 hit song by Ace Cannon
  • "Turbo Undercover Fighting Force", a fictional corporation in T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • 'Tuff, short for Wigglytuff.
Tuff (name)

Tuff is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Tuff Harris (born 1983), American football defensive back
  • Tuff Hedeman (born 1963), rodeo performer
  • Stein Henrik Tuff (born 1974), Norwegian ski jumper

Usage examples of "tuff".

Tuff is much softer than basalt and andesite, and over the years this exposed layer has eroded away, leaving us with our wonderful hotel.

In parts of China, houses were built of bricks carved from ignimbrite quarries, but in northern Italy the opposite approach had been taken, with homes and shops being excavated within tuff deposits.

Porphyritic tuffs and massive limestone compose the western chain of the Andes above Lima, while in the Oroya Valley we find carbonaceous sandstones.

Some of the tuffs may be of the Jurassic age, though the Cretaceous period is also largely represented.

Erosion had carved the tuff wherever bracks in the andesite exposed it, forming the tunnel-bottomed ravines, and also revealing great seams of caliche, trapped between the two layers.

The road then led twenty miles across a plain littered with boulders of honey-colored tuff, toward a pair of tall volcanic necks, each growing into an ancient weathered castle, in ages past the headquarters of hermetic cults but now, according to Cauch, the abode of ghouls.

The bell tower of an old Spanish church rises up above the coconut palms not far away, carved from blocks of volcanic tuff that are beginning to glow in the lambency of another damn mind-blowing tropical sunset.

Over by the cold-ash fireplace Dorry Mears was sitting, doing nothing but tuffing up her hair.