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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tunk \Tunk\, n. A sharp blow; a thump. [Prov. Eng. or Colloq. U. S.]


Etymology 1 n. (alternative form of tonk nodot=yes English) (card game) Etymology 2

n. (context UK dialect or US colloquial English) A sharp blow; a thump.

Usage examples of "tunk".

It was Tunk Willoughby riding up the trail, and when he seen me he grinned all over his battered features.

I run head-on into a snag on the path of progress in the shape of Tunk Willoughby.

I passed the place where the trail from Grizzly Claw comes into the road that runs from War Paint to Yavapai, I seen Tunk Willoughby setting on a log in the fork of the trails.

Into the swamp he goes tonight, with Tunk Bixby and the other four fools who opposed Saul Stark.

He hustled them into a back alley the moment he heard the tonk tunk of that drum and warned them to stay put while he nosed out what was happening.

Chulji screamed a warning, the Aggitj and the Boy raced about threatening first one then another, but when one of the skirmishes spilled into a Skak, the tunk tonk of a guard drum sent both sides scurrying into the alleys and the attack was abandoned for the day.

Nevertheless, he had felt a slight reluctance to give it the tunk on the bottom, the slap which would shock it into taking its first lungful of air.

Little Brass God, he got a tunk on the coco that put him out for the count.

She collapsed the tingler fence and tucked it in her pack, smoothed her hand down the outside of the harp case, tapped her fingers on the leather, snapped it open, touched the loosened strings, sighed at the dull toneless tunks she produced.

Rain dripping in sharp brittle tip tap tunks about her, Ti-cat slid through the deep shadow under the huts, nervous because those high floors suggested strongly that predators like the skitterdiscs prowled here at night.

Before the great throne room, a dozen tom-toms tunked out the grief and despair of the stricken people.

It had the Federal Inderland Bureau emblem on it, and waving merrily, I tunked it down and got a headlight blink in return.

Nobody stopped work to listen, though, because Onofre had always been a lousy piano player, even with two hands, and he still tunked out basically atonal numbers.

An invisible batrachian maestro lowered his baton and more voices chimed in, gulps and grunts, rattling snares, pops and clicks, tunking notes as of hollow canes.

His Tunker neighbor up the mountain performs the same feat on his own upper lip.