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Tusa may refer to:


  • Tusa, Iran, an ancient city in northeastern Iran
  • Tusa, Sicily, a comune in the province of Messina, Sicily, Italy
  • Tusa, a village in the commune of Sâg, Romania
  • Tušice (Hungarian Tusa), a village in the Michalovce district of eastern Slovakia, historically in the Zemplén region of the Kingdom of Hungary

Tusa is the surname of

  • Arnold Tusa (born 1940), Canadian politician
  • Chris Tusa, American poet and writer
  • Frank Tusa (born 1947), American jazz double-bassist, composer and educator
  • Sir John Tusa (born 1936), British arts administrator and radio and television journalist

Usage examples of "tusa".

Bardo went to bed while Soli and I staked Tusa near the tunnel of the hut.