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n. (context humorous English) (synonym of round tuit English)


Usage examples of "tuit".

And on top of all that, he and Palmita had to face Captain Tuit after the jump.

Tuit was right behind her, knocking both Conorado and Palmita out of the way.

Bass, as anxious as he was to get to Aquarius, knew Tuit was overruling him.

Tuit reseated his headpiece, gestured at his navigator, and then clomped off the bridge.

Now, either you get Tuit cleared to sit as my coconsul or I fire Lieutenant Heintges here, and when a new lawyer is appointed for me, I fire him too, and so on until either Hoxey or I die of old age.

It wuz on a nice pleasant day that Ardelia Tuit, Josiah Allen, and me, met by previous agreement quite early in the mornin', A.

She did not question her orders when given the assignment to destroy the Cambria, but what Fleet did not know was that Commander Stanton had once served under retired navy captain Tuit and she was well aware that he was captain of that vessel.

Franks returned to his suite to prepare for evacuation from the Cambria to the Banks, leaving Tuit and Stanton alone in the companionway.