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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At first this was because he was one of the only tuba players around, but success begets success.
▪ Composers have written a considerable amount of music for brass quintet consisting of two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba.
▪ He nearly went to the New York Military Academy on a tuba scholarship.
▪ He taught himself to play the tuba.
▪ The tuba, considering its size and depth, is surprisingly flexible and is capable also of a very light staccato.
▪ The bass trombone and tuba play the bass in octaves.
▪ Then from 1968-70. he played bass trombone and tuba with Doe Severinson s band.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tuba \Tu"ba\, n. [L., trumpet.] (Mus.)

  1. An ancient trumpet.

  2. A sax-tuba. See Sax-tuba.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1852 in reference to a modern, large, low-pitched brass musical instrument, from French tuba, from Latin tuba (plural tubae) "straight bronze war trumpet" (as opposed to the crooked bucina), related to tubus (see tube (n.)).


n. A large brass musical instrument, usually in the bass range, played through a vibration of the lips upon the mouthpiece and fingering of the keys.

  1. n. the lowest brass wind instrument [syn: bass horn, sousaphone]

  2. [also: tubae (pl)]


Ṭūbā ( ṭūbā, lit. "blessedness" is a term often associated with a tree that some Muslims believe grows in Jannah, or Islamic heaven.

The term is only mentioned once in the Koran in the context of blessedness and it is not mentioned as a Tree by name. The only other source that relates the arguably same term to a tree is a hadith. The term has caught the imagination of writers over the years. For example, Sohrevardi developed a story surrounding the old Persian mythology and suggests that it is indeed a Tree in the heaven where the mythical bird Simurgh lay eggs. Similarly, in 1449, Mehmed Yazıcıoğlu wrote of a similar tree in The Creation of Paradise in his manuscript called Muhammediye:

The holy city of Touba, Senegal is named for the tree.

The Arabic female given name Tuba or Touba derives from the tree. Tuba (often spelt "Tuğba") is also a modern Arabic borrowing into Turkish and has become a common female name since the 1970s.

Tuba (disambiguation)

A tuba is a musical instrument that plays notes in the bass clef.

Tuba or TUBA can also denote:

  • Cumulonimbus tuba, a column of cloud, sometimes 20 feet above ground, that may develop into a funnel cloud.
  • Roman tuba, a straight trumpet of ancient Rome
  • Tuba curva, a revival of the Roman cornu
  • Wagner tuba, an instrument like the tuba curva (cornu)
  • Tuba (given name), also spelt Tuğba
  • Ṭūbā (tree), a tree that Muslims believe grows in heaven
  • Tuba, Benguet, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Pulau Tuba, island in Malaysia
  • Tuba, Iran, a village in Qazvin Province, Iran
  • Tuba River, a tributary of the Yenesei in Siberia, Russia
  • Chief Tuba, a late 19th-century leader of the Hopi nation
  • Tuba, an alternate name for the Bidayat, an ethnic group in the Sudan and Chad
  • Tuba, the singular name that the Tubular people apply to themselves
  • Tuba, an alternate spelling of several towns in West Africa named Touba
  • Tuba, a Palestinian village east of At-Tuwani, in the South Hebron Hills
  • Tuba, an ancient Middle Eastern city, the contemporary Umm el-Marra
  • Tubâ, the Filipino word for palm wine
  • Tuba, the Indonesian word for Derris elliptica
  • Tuba City, Arizona, a city in the United States named after Chief Tuba
  • Tuba mirum, mass liturgy
  • Tuba Dei, the largest medieval bell in Poland, in the tower of the Cathedral in Toruń
  • Tuba Records, a Scandinavian independent music distributor
  • TUBA, Trans-umbilical breast augmentation, a plastic surgical procedure
  • TÜBA, Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi, the Turkish Academy of Sciences
  • TUBA, TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses, a proposed replacement for Internet Protocol v4
  • Tuba Entertainment, an animation company based in South Korea
Tuba (chief)

Tuba (also Tuvi or Toova; c. 1810–1887) was a Hopi leader in the late 19th century. Tuba was the headman of the small Hopi village of Moencopi, roughly fifty miles west of the main villages on the Hopi mesas. However, he apparently was an important person in the village of Oraibi as well. Eventually, Tuba joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and later received his endowment in the St. George Temple. Tuba City, Arizona, was named in his honor.

Tuba (given name)

Tuba or Tuğba (also transliterated as Toba, Tooba, or Touba; , , lit. "blessedness") is a female given name of Arabic origin common in Turkey. It derives from the ṭūbā tree that Muslims believe grows in heaven. The name is a modern Arabic borrowing into Turkish and has become a common female name in Turkey since the 1970s. It is often spelt Tuğba there, and that spelling has the same pronunciation as Tuba.

Usage examples of "tuba".

She liked to imagine that she was young again and that my father was striding out, his cheeks inflated, his tuba his bombardon reflecting the sun.

The score called for the biggest orchestra yet, sixty-two strings including eight bass cellos, forty-five winds including six bass trumpets and a contra-bass tuba, six to eight kettledrums as well as a bass drum, in all a total of about one hundred and twenty.

The bugle with its double development by means of keys into Royal Kent bugle and ophicleide, and by means of valves into saxhorns and tubas, formed the nucleus of brass bands of all countries during the greater part of the 19th century.

Reading him somehow suggests hearing a Bach mass rescored for two fifes, a tambourine in B, a wind machine, two tenor harps, a contrabass oboe, two banjos, eight tubas and the usual clergy and strings.

Eodem tempore clamore exaudito dat tuba signum suis Vercingetorix atque ex oppido educit.

For him it was the note of the Roman trumpet, tuba mirum spargens sonum, filling all the hollow valley with its command, reverberated in dark places in the far forest, and resonant in the old graveyards without the walls.

It included five items: the change in schedule of a rodeo at Tuba City, a plan to improve the runway of the landing strip at Kayenta, the death in the hospital at Gallup of the former chairwoman of the Coyote Pass Chapter, the replacement of the retired principal of the Toadlena school, and the murder of Eric Dorsey at the Saint Bonaventure Indian Mission.

It made sense that a world as metal poor as the teaching disks had insisted Darkover was would not waste any on tubas or trombones.

He beckoned to various of his windjammers—the snare and tenor drummers, the tuba and contrabass tuba, the trombone, clarinets, violins, the oboist, and to Hannibal Tyree, the bass drummer, and sent them running to the wagons to get their instruments.

Then, after the cornetist and the horn player and the trombonist and the tuba player and the accordionist had each learned his individual part, Beck would beg from Goesle two men at a time, then three, and so on—and call in Hannibal and his drum—and rehearse them gradually at playing in unison.

Spiderman slid back into the recesses of the club, and at ten Barney got on the phone and talked to Professor Hewett and arranged a new appointment for three, then went back to his table and relaxed, as much as he could relax with the hot tuba, brass section and amplified drums.

Captain Largo, his boss when he worked the Tuba City district, told him Leaphorn used them to work out mathematical solutions to crimes that puzzled him.

The memos Virginia had left on his blotter asked him to return calls from Lieutenant Toddy at Crownpoint and Captain Largo at Tuba City.

Then there were the hornstwo instruments resembling clarinets, one wooden flute, except it was played from the end like an American Indian flute, a last woodwind that resembled a cross between a bass clarmet and an English horn, and one brass horn halfway between a French horn and a tuba, except the brass tubing seemed thicker and shorter.

There were six or seven cornets, three tenor horns, two tubas, two trombones and two euphoniums, the sun glittering and flashing on their honey-colored tubes and stops.