How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word frs

.rs a-doors abovestairs acetars adoors after-hours after-years afters afteryears albers alexanders algiers all-overs allers allisanders altars alters altogethers amors ananters ananthers anchors angers answers appears arrears ars aspers asters aunters authors avancers avant-couriers avanters avers barbiers beaupers bejabbers bejabers belders belldars bers bewpers bilders billers binoculars bitters bleachers blinkers bofors bonkers borders bowers bowiers brs bumsters butter-fingers bylders calipers callipers camiknickers canditeers cannipers capars cat-stairs cers champers cheaters checkers cheers chequers choppimors cisers cissars cleavers cleevers clevers cliders clithers clivers clyvers cobblers cockle-stairs commers concours concurs congratters convers coors cors cosmo-rs coulommiers cours covers cowurs crackers cross-quarters curs cypers cysars dangers dartars decours dehors deters deuers devers differs dip-ears divers dividers doctors doors dors dosipers dousepers douspyers doussepers douzepers downstairs dozepers dphm-rs drawers duchepers ducypers duspers dyssypers edders efters errs ers espelers estovers fairs favors fears feers felanders fers fetters fevers fiars fiers firs fitters five-corners five-fingers five-sisters flenders flinders flitters fore-elders frighteners fyers fyrs gangbusters garb-feathers gatchers gathers gears gelders gers gingers ginners girs gnashers gors goujeers gratters graviers greyers gurs gutters gyrs handlebars hatters havers hdqrs head-quarters headquarters headwaters heirs hers hindquarters honkers hoors hors hours hunkers impers indoors infors jabbers jabers janders jankers jeepers jeers jiggers jitters jodhpurs jours kers kettle-de-benders knickers knicky-knackers kombaars kours kowrs kravers kurs lampers lampors levers libers lors lumpers makkers manners masers mers messeigneurs messieurs messrs millefleurs misericors mors mrs mustardvillars musterdevillers mustyrddevyllers navel-timbers nears niggers nors odzookers oneyers opinion-makers ors ours outdoors overhours oysters pars parvers passe-velours patters pears peirs pers petrodollars pheirs phrs pincers pinkers plaisirs pliers pors porthors pow'rs preggers pynsors qrs qtrs quarters quissers ravers reardors rebours redpurs rescours revers rounders rs rubbers rudders ruders sanders saunders scars schlagobers schorters scissors scithers secateurs seirs selenders semi-revers sers sesours sexters shears sheep-shears sipars sipers sipirs sippers sisers sisours sissars sissors siszers sizars sizers sizors sizzars sizzors skers smithers solepers som'ers sorplers spadgers spaggers spanners spinsers splendeurs staggers stanners starkers strongers subbers suburbars summers surs swabbers sycers sypars sypers sypirs sysers sysors tars tatters teers teirs theirs thers thirs three-quarters three-years tiers tirrs togethers toujours towers trossers trousers turs tweezers twezers twizers tyers uckers ukkers understairs upstairs urs vars veirs velours vers vespers vicars vivars vivers vylers wars wers whillikers winters withers within-doors withindoors wivers wonders years yonders yonkers yours yrs zaunders zoodikers zoonters zwookers