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Mers (disambiguation)

Mers may refer to:

  • Mers people or Maher
  • Mers-les-Bains, a town in France
  • El Mers, a town in Morocco

MERS may refer to:

  • Middle East respiratory syndrome, caused by the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
  • Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, a US company
  • Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 (MERS 8600)

Usage examples of "mers".

This last topic gave Jim and the others an opportunity for which they were grateful, to point out where the version of the ballad the de Mers had heard was wrong.

Nearly all versions, including the one the de Mers had heard, had Jim going to London and asking permission of King Edward to go out and attack the creatures of the Loathly Tower.

Jim, sitting his horse with the de Mers among the trees, was suddenly aware, from some distance behind him, of a faint sound.

He glanced back at the knot of de Mers still clustered around the fallen Alan.

MacDougall alive and still keep the de Mers from retribution at the hands of the King of Scotland.

Brian did not even look at the couple, but concentrated his attention on the conversation between the two de Mers and Dafydd, and eventually began to join it with reminiscences of his own.

Et Ulysse, qui avait vu par les mers tant de spectacles a faire dresser les cheveux sur la tete, eut peur.

One of the mers had actually come out onto the shore with them, let them stroke its wet, slick, brindle fur with timid hands.

Or a world which had decided that its own exploitation of mers was immoral .

He had watched the shore of the nearest island, where the dwindling colony of mers had lain along the black-pebbled beach .

He had always believed that the myth of mers being immortal, and granting immortality to humans, was only an old tale .

The far blue surface of the water fountained white as a tandem of mers shattered its peace with the perfect arc of their bodies.

And she had learned that not only did Ngenet hate the slaughter and protect the mers within his boundaries, but he had surrounded himself with workers who felt the same way.

She looked past him at the bay, where three more mers had joined the first pair in a flashing ballet, an outward image of their selfless inner beauty.

Every afternoon when she walked down this way, the mers performed a new quicksilver dance on the water, almost as though they celebrated her return to life.