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n. (plural of par English)

  1. redirect pars
Pars (surname)

Pars is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Asım Pars (born 1976), Turkish basketball player
  • Krisztián Pars (born 1982), Hungarian athlete
  • William Pars (1742–1782), English painter
Pars (Sasanian province)

Pars ( Middle Persian: Pārs, ) was a Sasanian province in Late Antiquity, which almost corresponded to the present-day province of Fars. The province bordered Khuzestan in the west, Kirman in the east, Spahan in the north, and Mazun in the south.

Usage examples of "pars".

Je pars en avant, les miens me suivent, et nous tombons dans la redoute, terribles et rapides comme des boulets vivants.