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vb. (en-third-person singular of: aver)


Avers ( Romansh: Avras) is a high Alpine valley region and a municipality in the district of Hinterrhein in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It includes Juf, the highest-altitude year-round settlement in Europe.

Avers (Kreis)

The Kreis Avers forms, together with the Kreise of Domleschg, Rheinwald, Schams and Thusis the ("district") of Hinterrhein of the Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The seat of the sub-district office is in Avers.

Usage examples of "avers".

He never heard any noise, but avers that, in prison, he was alarmed by the town clock striking, on the first morning, though Feuerbach says that he did not hear the bells for several days.

On the other hand, the tradition of an English family avers that a Devonshire gentleman was asked by an important personage in France to succour an unnamed lady who was being smuggled over in a sailing boat to our south-west coast.

He avers that, having seen more than enough of war in his lifetime, he would have gladly kept out of this one, had your troops not razed some of the homesteadings and a village of his vassals in the western parts of the Barony of Clonmacnowen.

Archbishop Giosue avers that while a large force for those climes, most of it is ill trained and not very reliable.

Bass, no matter what this High King avows his motives in besieging this city of Gaillminhthe high-royal personage avers only to receive from the King of Connachta his Symbol of Sovereignty, then to join his forces with those of the High King in peace and love and brotherhoodevery officer and man with whom I spoke in all that siege camp is expecting and eagerly anticipating, when once the city does fall or capitulate, a full and completely untrammeled intaking, a sack of the fullest nature.

Blind Hari avers that very few of the blades came from the east or the south, most being produced by clan smiths who had dug the metal out of ancient ruins.

Lapkin avers that the Ehleen provides well, if not lavishly, for his family.

In the early, fast-deepening winter dusk, 2213 Avers Court looked like any small private hospital or sanatorium.

Whether Lindgren, who runs the mission, is in with the crowd or whether he really thought he was doing a Christian deed by steering girls to the Avers Court address is something the police will have to determine.

Eggers is dead, murdered in the basement of the Avers Court address because he was a weakling and a weak link in the chain.

Popular tradition avers that he sought shelter one evening in the castle of Drachenfels, where he fell in love with Hildegarde, the beautiful daughter of the Lord of Drachenfels.