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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
general headquarters
▪ In large de-centralised organizations, the marketing function may be split between sub-divisions and corporate headquarters. 14.
▪ But as sales figures at the branch continued to improve, the thinking at corporate headquarters gradually started to come around.
▪ The company as a whole employs 3,800 people, but only 22 of them are at corporate headquarters in Boston.
▪ Havana has shifted its corporate headquarters.
▪ Time and again we have seen large country houses taken over for institutional use, whether as corporate headquarters or hospitals.
▪ Louis, the corporate headquarters, is the only city named.
▪ Most corporate headquarters and bank branches in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were open Tuesday after partial closures yesterday.
▪ At Starbucks' corporate headquarters, the signature mermaid placard toppled into the parking lot below.
▪ Perhaps the First Boomer could also use a map to Democratic Party headquarters.
▪ When the polls closed on election night, Democratic headquarters had an uncharacteristic tension.
▪ By nine he was stony-faced and Democratic headquarters was relaxing.
▪ In December they picketed the Guildhall and the local Unionist Party headquarters, and called on the unemployed to become more militant.
▪ Composition class was local headquarters of irony; we supplied the five-county area.
▪ The two leaders went to military headquarters for confirmation and were told that the staff were otherwise engaged.
▪ The first tussles of the 1848 revolution took place here when it was the military headquarters.
▪ So were all the major South Viet-namese government and military headquarters.
▪ Demir was able to call a lawyer, arrange for him to visit the main military headquarters and see the campaigner.
▪ Its national headquarters are in Florida.
▪ The strategy its national headquarters has crafted for achieving that vision includes, among other planks, two important parts.
▪ The National headquarters could advise local Councils but it could not order or control them.
▪ But people throughout national headquarters and the chapters know that their new vision will not wait for ever.
▪ He built the new headquarters by the river here and everything looked rosy.
▪ Closer to home, Rohr has junked its proposed new headquarters building in Chula Vista.
▪ Work on a new headquarters for a government pollution control watchdog started last month.
▪ Louise Roberts, director of Clark Center, agreed to give the company space until a new headquarters could be found.
▪ The long-awaited opening of the new headquarters office and museum in South Kensington took place in 1935.
▪ The slow pace of construction gave Horton a chance to linger lovingly over every feature of his new headquarters.
▪ Similar protests were held in other towns, where the party and regional authority's headquarters were besieged by angry demonstrators.
▪ The tribunal ruled she was unfairly dismissed from her £14,000-a-year job at the union's regional headquarters in Edge Lane, Liverpool.
▪ The building is the second regional headquarters property AT&038;.
▪ Another 4 percent. are involved in energy and water industries, and we have a regional headquarters of the electricity board.
▪ About midnight four days later, the headquarters building of the Housing Executive burst into flames and was badly damaged.
▪ The 1992 draft did not include the cost of moving the Commission from its Berlaymont headquarters building in Brussels.
▪ Commercial Union began to cope with the temporary loss of its headquarters building by making the maximum use of available space elsewhere.
▪ But his campaign headquarters is staffed by 20 volunteers daily, and another 20 volunteers work in phone banks each evening.
▪ The resource disparity is evident in the campaign headquarters.
▪ Policy said in a post-election press conference at the campaign headquarters.
▪ Dole opened his state campaign headquarters in Glendale in the past month.
▪ Are we to take it that the company headquarters, not the battalion headquarters, will be in Glasgow?
▪ Many fans continued making a pilgrimage to Earnhardt's company headquarters in Mooresville.
▪ Information they gathered was sent back to platoon headquarters by runner and radioed from the village to Company headquarters.
▪ Her mortgage company has twice threatened to foreclose on her north Houston home, which serves as her company headquarters.
▪ An emergency management team flew in from company headquarters to restore order.
▪ Perhaps the First Boomer could also use a map to Democratic Party headquarters.
▪ From Kecskemet, his path led to the party headquarters in Budapest.
▪ The ward organizations keep what they need to function, and the rest is funneled to party headquarters.
▪ Torgyan alerted the media to the takeover, which had involved his being physically excluded from party headquarters.
▪ The police raided the Congress party headquarters in Bombay where salt was being made in pans on the roof.
▪ They then used violence to force her supporters out of party headquarters.
▪ In December they picketed the Guildhall and the local Unionist Party headquarters, and called on the unemployed to become more militant.
▪ Its headquarters staff includes six generals, headed by its controversial commander, General Maxwell Thurman.
▪ The emerging trends for corporate headquarters staff are clear.
▪ In this way he could form three detachments, controlled through a slightly expanded headquarters staff.
▪ For most agencies continued cuts in headquarters staff will affect employees in the Washington area.
▪ Between 1922 and 1927 he was on the headquarters staff of the League of Nations Union.
▪ Finally, headquarters staff functions were streamlined by delegating some to store managers and contracting others to outside vendors.
▪ Bringing headquarters staff together in a single location will enable those services to be delivered more efficiently and in an integrated manner.
▪ All the 650 headquarters staff were told to report for work as normal.
▪ He built the new headquarters by the river here and everything looked rosy.
▪ Enormous cities were built as its headquarters.
▪ Provost McDonald said last year BAe had moved the headquarters of its regional jet operation to Prestwick.
▪ The team moved its office headquarters to the hospice's new base at Harewood House, on Harewood Hill.
▪ Rau is pondering moving administrative and headquarters operations into the building to help fill it.
▪ After Unita lost the vote and went back to war, it moved its headquarters to the middle of the country.
▪ Capone moved his headquarters to Cicero, a near by suburb.
▪ When Alfa pulled out of racing in 1929, Ferrari took over the racing division and moved his headquarters to his home town.
▪ In fact, the jails serve as headquarters and training centres for the violent crime that afflicts the streets.
▪ Now, it looks glumly at the rather banal office block which serves as the headquarters of Montgomery Ward.
▪ Her mortgage company has twice threatened to foreclose on her north Houston home, which serves as her company headquarters.
▪ There they set up a rear headquarters and resupply dump.
▪ Last year, the Republic of Texas set up headquarters in San Antonio and resolved to take more drastic measures.
▪ Mrs Bottomley was visiting the Stroud headquarters of the Meningitis Trust.
▪ Demir was able to call a lawyer, arrange for him to visit the main military headquarters and see the campaigner.
▪ Copy all your computer disks and update them whenever you visit your headquarters.
▪ He invited the President to visit Amnesty's international headquarters in Easton Street.
▪ He then visited the Birkenhead headquarters of Cewtec, before heading for Liverpool.
▪ Budapest Week will move over the river to the red-light district in Budapest, where Duna's headquarters are situated.
▪ Employees on their way into work at Hasbro headquarters Thursday morning said they opposed a merger.
▪ He had made his headquarters in what had been the presidential suite of the Hilton hotel.
▪ It first branched out into cosmetics and perfumes in 1990 and in 1994 moved its headquarters for those businesses to New York.
▪ The army headquarters is on the other side of the square, in a former colonial mansion.
▪ The London headquarters now moved to stylish new premises at 143, Charing Cross Road.
▪ Their headquarters is rich in symbolism.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Headquarters \Head"quar`ters\ (-kw[add]r`t[~e]rz), n. pl. [but sometimes used as a n. sing.]

  1. The quarters or place of residence of any chief officer, as the general in command of an army, or the head of a police force; the place from which orders or instructions are issued; hence, the center of authority or order.

    The brain, which is the headquarters, or office, of intelligence.

  2. The main office from which an organization such as a commercial enterprise is managed; -- usually where the chief executive officer works.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from head (adj.) + quarters. Headquarter as a verb is recorded from 1903.


n. 1 The military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued; the military unit consisting of a commander and his support staff. 2 The center of an organization's operations or administration.

  1. n. (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise; "many companies have their headquarters in New York" [syn: central office, main office, home office, home base]

  2. (usually plural) the military installation from which a commander performs the functions of command; "the general's headquarters were a couple of large tents" [syn: HQ, military headquarters]

  3. (plural) a military unit consisting of a commander and the headquarters staff


Headquarters (HQ) denotes the location where most, if not all, of the important functions of an organization are coordinated. In the United States, the corporate headquarters represents the entity at the center or the top of a corporation taking full responsibility for managing all business activities. In the UK, the term head office is most commonly used for the HQs of large corporations. The term is also used regarding military organizations.

Headquarters (album)

Headquarters is the third album issued by the Monkees and the first with substantial songwriting and instrumental performances by members of the group itself, rather than by session musicians and professional songwriters. After a struggle for creative autonomy with their record label, the group had been allowed to record by themselves. Headquarters reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified double platinum in the United States with sales of more than two million copies within the first two months of release. It peaked at #2 on the UK charts. It is included in the 2006 book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Headquarters (disambiguation)

Headquarters (HQ) denotes the location where most, if not all, of the important functions of an organization are coordinated.

It may also refer to:

  • Headquarters (album), 1967 album by American rock band The Monkees
  • Headquarters, Idaho, an unincorporated community in Clearwater County, Idaho, United States
  • Headquarters, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in Nicholas County, Kentucky, United States
  • Headquarters, Nebraska, a ghost town in the United States
  • Headquarters, New Jersey, an unincorporated community in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, United States

Usage examples of "headquarters".

Not merely the hard work of building the colony's headquarters and family homes, of enduring the unfamiliar discomforts of a long hard cold winter, but the psychological upheavals of adjusting to something as fundamental as open sky, broad fields -- everyone had experienced some agoraphobia -- organic foods which, no sweat, had had to be killed by men who had never before ended the life of an ant.

When the focal talents of the gestalt were exchanged, not even one-half a beat of the pulse of the Aurigean Sector Headquarters was missed.

NSA headquarters, an undersea cable was laid from Vietnam to the Philippines.

Beamer was on his way to the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Munford’s artillery command post at Brigade headquarters in a waterworks building near the bridge.

Despite its secondary designation Maybach II was the higher authority—the headquarters of the Supreme Commander, Hitler.

Bulganin, the distinguished-looking, goateed Supreme Headquarters Representative to the Soviet fronts.

Then he said, “Are you aware that Zossen is the headquarters of the German General Staff?

Goering had promptly called Heinrici’s headquarters in nearby Prenzlau.

However, the biggest mystery of all is why OB West, Rundstedt’s headquarters, failed to alert the whole invasion front from Holland to the Spanish border.

Then he switched with unhurried sureness to the vast globular room I identified as the Moonbase Headquarters of the Patrol.

At headquarters they were hearing nasty rumors about a new numbers racket.

I have sent a direct signal to Sector Headquarters and no doubt I shall receive orders shortly.

Therefore, since the records of both your EV and my Sector Headquarters list Ireta as unexplored, and yet Thek artifacts have unquestionably been discovered here, I will venture the perhaps bizarre opinion that there may have been a missing link in the famous Thek chain of information.

Any number of things could account for Sassiness' meeting: the arrival of the tribunal, a report from Sector Headquarters that she didn't care to broadcast, even a report from Dupaynil.