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n. (plural of heir English)

Heirs (album)

Heirs is the fourth studio album from And So I Watch You From Afar. Released on May 4, 2015, the album was made available to stream through online music publication The Fader a week before its release, which in turn revealed the track listing of the album.

Usage examples of "heirs".

James and his heirs a certain income from the estate, that is to say, an annuity.

I stood by my earlier undertaking, and so, supported by Miss Quilliam, I argued that my grandfather had had the best interests of his daughter and her heirs at heart in requiring that promise, and that in the present circumstances those interests were best served by parting with rather than retaining the codicil.

Namely that I hereby create an Entail upon all the lands and hereditaments, tenements, messuages, and holdings: which Entail is vested in my Son, James, and the Heirs of his Body.

In default of such Heirs the Entail shall pass to my only Grandson, Silas Clothier, on condition that he be alive at the determination of the aforementioned line.

In the event of this Condition not being fulfilled, then the Entail shall pass to my Nephew, George Maliphant, and the Heirs of his Body.

But apart from the fact that he is a rogue, your interests and his are in direct conflict: for if Escreet is correct, Clothier or his heirs can inherit the Hougham Estate only if he is still alive at the death of yourself and Mary.

Assuming will regained and rights restored, self and heirs owner of fee simple.

And so the entail, instead of going to him and his heirs in default of your issue, now passed to his niece Amelia and her heirs.

Since Sir Hugo could not put down the whole of the purchase-money, it was settled that an annuity was to be paid as a charge on the estate to your father and his heirs in perpetuity.

In that event Sir Perceval and his heirs would lose all interest in the estate.

Sir Hugo bought the estate in good faith, so do you have a moral right to dispossess his heirs even if you have the legal right?

Jeoffrey Huffam had quarrelled with his nevy, George Maliphant, and so the will created an entirely new situation in which, if the entail upon his grandson, John Huffam, and his heirs failed, then it went to another branch of our family.

And why was he so anxious for my death now that Silas Clothier was dead and so his heirs could not profit by it?

King Tedric, still a fierce old eagle of a man, aged, potential heirs buzzed about the throne.

They seemed to think a good marriage the best they could do for themselves, unlike Sapphire and Elise, whose training as heirs had made them value themselves for what they could do.