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n. (plural of haver English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: haver)


Havers is a surname, which may refer to:

  • Arthur Havers (1898-?), English golfer
  • Cecil Havers (1889-1977), English barrister and judge
  • Clopton Havers (1657-1702), English physician
  • Michael Havers, Baron Havers, or his sons:
    • Nigel Havers (born 1949), English actor
    • Philip Havers (born 1950), English barrister

It may also refer to:

  • Haversian canals
  • Havers (automobile)
Havers (automobile)

The Havers was an automobile built in Port Huron, Michigan by the Havers Motor Car Company from 1908-14. The Havers were conventional in design, except they had a long chassis. Most were equipped with a six-cylinder engine, the 1914 engine being of 6.2L capacity producing . The 1914 Model 6-55 Speed Car with two passengers sold for $2,250.

Usage examples of "havers".

But if Wrath were ever injured enough to come and see him, Havers would be tempted to let that monster bleed out.

Between the grunting and the sickening smell, Havers was dying to get home.

If Wrath died on the table, the warrior had vowed, the brothers were going to string Havers up by the feet and beat him with their bare fists until he bled out.

Trapped in a corner in the alley, scared out of mind, Havers had started talking, as much to get the job he wanted done as to keep himself from getting slain.

She was particularly glad to feel the mental touch of Gordon Havers, the youngest Supreme Court justice ever appointed, whose expertise might be extremely useful.

When Rhyssa informed Gordie Havers of the results, he gave a loud mental cheer for solidarity.

Rhyssa, sitting with Max Perigeaux, Gordie Havers, and Lance Baden, found the meeting eminently satisfying.

He ducked his head and sat in the chair, glancing quickly around as Havers closed the door, then looking back at Tristan.

Max Perigeaux, Gordie Havers, and Lance Baden, found the meeting eminently satisfying.

Dave Lehardt, Gordie Havers, and two top NASA generals are on the same heli with Johnny.