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CORS is an abbreviation which may refer to:

  • Corus Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: CORS)
  • Cross-origin resource sharing
  • Continuously Operating Reference Station, a network of stations managed by the U.S. National Geodetic Survey to augment the local accuracy of GPS readings

Usage examples of "cors".

And as they sat, they herde a belle clynke Biforn a cors, was caried to his grave.

I pray to God so save thy gentil cors, And eek thyne urynals and thy jurdanes, Thyn ypocras and eek thy Galianes And every boyste ful of thy letuarie, God blesse hem, and oure lady Seinte Marie!

Still feeling the shame of his own behavior with the girl and the officers and Cors, he found it hard to concentrate.

Ulan told him that it was a gyor and that it was found upon the Gyor Cors, or Gyor Plains, which lie at the end of the range of the Mountains of the Thipdars beyond Clovi.

They do not eat flesh, but they are irritable and short tempered, charging every creature that they see and thus keeping the Gyor Cors for their own use.

That oon of hem gan callen to his knave, "Go bet," quod he, "and axe redily What cors is this, that passeth heer forby, And looke, that thou reporte his name weel.

And the Ammonites gave him that year a hundred talents of silver, and ten thousand cors of wheat and ten thousand of barley.

I served at Cors Baddon for several years and then at Cors Glanum in Gaul.