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Bofors AB is a Swedish arms manufacturing company. The name has been associated with the iron industry and artillery manufacturing for more than 350 years.

Usage examples of "bofors".

The next anyone knew he was on the edge of town at one of the Bofors emplacements, being shown how to operate the guns.

Members of the Bofors crew, each holding a glass of wine, came clattering up the steps and collided with them.

Tell her my love for her is the same and part of my love for the Bofors crews, the Spitfire pilots, our Governor?

Routed out by sirens at three in the morning - at 3:30 out to the airfield past the Bofors emplacements, the wardens, the fire-fighting crews.

Overhead, the Bofors began an intermittent and deafening hack: two explosions every second.

Three batteries of mobile or portable Bofors would be needed for each airfield, and these should be in position in the first two days.

Harris followed his gaze and saw the forecastle gun, the Bofors gun and a machine gun abaft the bridge, were now augmented by a dozen marksmen with rifles, and all aiming their weapons at Harris.

She inspected the two torpedo tubes, sat behind the 20mm ack-ack gun in the fore-deck well and inspected the Bofors gun which had been fitted in the after deck.

Wagner and Bauer were working the Bofors gun on the after deck, tracer streaming up in an arc, following the Junkers as it sped away and Wittig was hammering at it with the 20mm ack-ack gun in the fore deck well.

Wagner and Bauer at the Bofors gun, shattering the wheelhouse windows, catching Langsdorff in the back, driving him headfirst through the door.

The Bofors gun hammered in reply and Genevieve saw Martin Hare lifted up and blown back.

I was in charge of a bofors gun manned by the most ferocious pack of modernist architecture students from the Architects Institute in Portland Place.

On one of the roofs a Bofors gun was still putting on a fireworks display.

They had put a camouflage net over the truck and over the locator and over the bulge of the Bofors mounted beside it.

Those Bofors masers will zap anything over fifty centimetres in diameter.