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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ers \Ers\, n. [F., fr. L. ervum a kind of pulse, bitter vetch.] (Bot.) The bitter vetch ( Ervum Ervilia).


vb. (en-third-person singular of: er)


Ers may refer to:

  • Ers (river) a tributary of the Garonne River near Toulouse, (used in many English language sources about the Battle of Toulouse (1814))
  • Èrs people, an ethnic group in South-Eastern Georgia, North-West Azerbaijan and, previously, Northern Armenia

Usage examples of "ers".

All might have been lost, if the intrud ers had not fallen to righting among themselves.

If I stayed on Earth, I might've had the company of lov ers, friends, instead of coming all this way to die.

Their joint laughter roused more interest from his broth ers, who demanded enlightenment, to which Kiyrstin re plied, "Mind your own business.

From dawn to dusk and late into the night, a steady stream of customersrich own ers, maids, and stableboyshad inundated Bharlori's for everything from a multicourse feast to a bowl of soup.

Even had he a chance, he'd be a fool to challenge one of Bharlori's paying custom ers: better bruises than back on the streets.

With the determination of the truly terrified, Nikki reached underneath for his broth ers, stretching mental hands toward both.

In places, soft, subtle shades of white, in oth ers, a brilliance so pure, there was no human term, no earthly paradigm to describe it.

Strang ers continued to pour into Khoratum, and they all seemed to drift eventually to Bharlori's, either as customers or, like this lot, hillers from a distant valley who had come to Khor atum to take advantage of that local growth.

The view ers were still captives of his visual spell, but the men recog nized the challenge, and as men, responded.

But Nikki still suspected there was a different sort of silent communication going on in the room, leaving him as ignorant as his broth ers could.