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Usage examples of "nors".

She saw Belial, smiling gently at a young Nors girl, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, who chatted animatedly to him.

Whispering an excuse to the Nors girl, Belial slowly began to move through the crowd towards Embeth.

From what Axis knew of Nors women, they thought mainly of the pleasures of the flesh and very little else.

The entire village of Smyrton, as Hagen, had regarded her with disdain for her Nors features and beauty, and for her temper and independent spirit.

She looked Nors, but there was an indefinable quality about her that Roland could not place.

Only the fact that she carried a bow slung across her shoulder made her reconsider her first thought that she must be one of the Nors whores who inevitably attached themselves to wandering armies.

She had not thought Axis' tastes to run to Nors women, at least not to the extent that he would publicly acknowledge this one.

Well, Embeth had heard tales of the abilities of Nors women and she supposed this one must be better than most.

A typical piece of Nors finery, Axis thought as he reined Belaguez to a halt before it, but he heard Ho'Demi sigh in admiration.

He had brought a number of both Acharite and Ravensbundmen with him and, as he dismounted, StarDrifter, FarSight CutSpur and EvenSong lifted down from the sky, to the astonished whispers of the Nors and Tarantaise men present.

By the Stars themselves, StarDrifter breathed, Ysgryffindeed, perhaps the entire Nors peopleknew far more about the Icarii than the Seneschal had ever known.

The Nors woman was by his side again, laughing and chatting familiarly, not only with Axis, but with most of those he spoke to.

A true Nors woman, Embeth thought, refusing to admit to herself that she was bitterly jealous.

He had spent his evenings with her, making her laugh, despite her sad-heartedness, with his stories of life among the Nors capital of Ysbadd and his early years spent sailing with the pirate ships of Pirates' Nest.

The Nors people are far darker and more exotic than the rest of the Acharites.