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COMMERS (from Latin commercium), also spelled 'Kommers', the German term for the social gatherings of a German Studentenverbindung held annually on occasions such as the breaking-up of term and the anniversary of the universities founding. A Commers gathering consists of speeches and songs and the drinking of large quantities of beer. The arrangements are governed by officials (Chargierte) elected by the members of the Studentenverbindung from among themselves. Strict rules as to drinking exist, and the chairman after each speech calls for what is called a salamander. All rise and having emptied their glasses hammer three times on the table with them. On the death of a student, his memory is honored with a salamander, the glasses being broken at the close.

Usage examples of "commers".

Therefore use all commers with that respect, courtesie, and liberty is fitting, which will in a short time much increase your trade and shipping to fetch it from you, for as yet it were not good to adventure any more abroad with factors till you bee better provided.