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pron. (context Internet slang text messaging English) yours


Urs (from ), is the death anniversary of a Sufi saint in South Asia, usually held at the saint's dargah (shrine or tomb). In most Sufi orders such as Chishtiyya, Qadiriyya, etc. the concept of Urs exists and is celebrated with enthusiasm. The devotees refer to their saints as lovers of God, the beloved. The death of a Sufi saint is regarded as visal (union with the beloved), and the death anniversary is celebrated as a wedding anniversary.

Urs rituals are generally performed by the custodians of the shrine or the existing Shaikh of the silsila. The celebration of Urs ranges from Hamd to Naat and in some cases may also include the singing of religious music such as qawwali. The Urs of Moinuddin Chishti at Dargah Sharif in Ajmer attracts more than 400,000 devotees each year.

Urs (surname)

Urs (Kannada: ಅರಸ ) pronounced as 'Āras', is a Hindu surname used by a particular royal community (called Arasu) based in Mysore in Karnataka, India. The word Arasu or Arasa is used to designate royalty and meant ruler in all the south Indian languages including Kannada. Men in this community were commonly named as Chamaraja Urs, Nanjaraj Urs, Devraj Urs, Srikanata Raje Urs etc. and women were most commonly named as Devajammani, Jayalaxammani, Chelvajammani etc. suffixed with 'ammani'.

Urs (given name)

Urs is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Urs Allemann (born 1948), Swiss writer and journalist
  • Urs Bühler (born 1971), Swiss tenor and member of the operatic pop musical quartet Il Divo
  • Urs Freuler (born 1958), Swiss former cyclist
  • Urs Graf (1485–after 1529), Swiss painter and printmaker
  • Urs Imboden (born 1975), Swiss-Moldovan alpine skier
  • Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President at Google
  • Urs Kälin (born 1966), Swiss former alpine skier
  • Urs Lehmann (born 1969), Swiss former alpine skier
  • Urs Räber (born 1958), Swiss former alpine skier
  • Urs Schwarzenbach, Swiss financier
  • Urs Zimmermann (born 1959), Swiss former cyclist
  • Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905–1988), Swiss theologian

Usage examples of "urs".

Even the hoon and urs arrived too late to know them at their prime, when glavers were said to have been mighty intellects, with a talent for deep race memory.

Still, she's urrish, and there's a limit to how much of a humicker any urs can be, before planting four feet and saying whoa.

I guess you could say an urs sort of looks like one of those fabled creatures-if you'd just been conked on the head by a brick and can't see or think too well from the pain.

Too bad her aunt keeps Ur-ronn busy most of the time and won't ever let her go off in the boat with us, on account of urs can't swim.

Would we have fought wars, the way qheuens and urs and hoons and men did for centuries here on Jijo, bickering until the Commons grew strong enough for peace?

The urs stepped daintily, as if worried her hooves might catch in the rough floorboards.

If the tinker heard the insult, she ignored it, carrying herself well for a youngish urs with just one husband pouch tenanted by a squirming bulge.

Among so many humans, the urs could not use a plains dialect of Galactic Two but made do with Anglic, despite the handicap of a cloven upper lip.

Ur-ronn spoke in GalSix, since it's easier for an urs to speak without lisping.

The g'Kek, hoon, and urs started coming up with sky-myths of their own, while qheuens and traeki were glad to have tales made up about them.

Kind of like expecting every urs to be a courier runner, or all traekis to make a good martini.

Even allowing for exaggeration, those must've been brave urs who climbed fuming volcano heights to build the first crude forges near fiery lava springs, toiling through cinders and constant danger to learn the secret of reworking Buyur metal and break the Gray Queens' tool-monopoly forever.

Before we knew it, she leaped onto a leather belt and was running in place like mad, snapping toward a pair of cringing urs husbands.

The qheuen's seeing-band winked at Ulgor, and the urs took her cue to lift the violus, laying the double bow across the strings, drawing twin wavering notes, embellishing the mirliton's basso moan.

Each urs carried an ax or machete sheathed at her withers, useful tools in the dry woods and plains where they dwelled.