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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a friend of mine/yours/Bill’s etc
▪ A friend of mine is going to Tokyo next week.
(yours) sincerely
Yours ever/Ever yours
Yours faithfully
▪ Your faithfully, Adam Browning
▪ So what is new? Yours faithfully, Heinz Vuillermoz.
▪ Such letters will close with Yours faithfully.
▪ Thanks also to anyone else involved who may read this letter. Yours faithfully.
be yours/hers/his etc alone
▪ Even when your growing brain shared my blood, your dreams were yours alone.
▪ She had never helped with any of the bills, so he felt that the house was his alone.
▪ The next job was his alone.
up yours!
you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
yours truly
▪ Members of the judging panel included yours truly.
▪ And that puts everyone at risk - not just yours truly.
▪ And yours truly is in the drivin' seat.
▪ Either way the consequences were terminal for yours truly.
▪ Everyone knew something yours truly didn't.
▪ Group comportment had deteriorated by the day, with yours truly bearing the brunt of the collective delinquency.
▪ Imagine that - passing up the opportunity for a little hanky-panky with yours truly.
▪ In we filed, yours truly with some hesitation.
▪ The irony of the scenario was well appreciated by yours truly.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

thou \thou\ ([th]ou), pron. [Sing.: nom. Thou; poss. Thy ([th][imac]) or Thine ([th][imac]n); obj. Thee ([th][=e]). Pl.: nom. You (y[=oo]); poss. Your (y[=oo]r) or Yours (y[=oo]rz); obj. You.] [OE. thou, [thorn]u, AS. [eth][=u], [eth]u; akin to OS. & OFries. thu, G., Dan. & Sw. du, Icel. [thorn][=u], Goth. [thorn]u, Russ. tui, Ir. & Gael. tu, W. ti, L. tu, Gr. sy`, Dor. ty`, Skr. tvam. [root]185. Cf. Thee, Thine, Te Deum.] The second personal pronoun, in the singular number, denoting the person addressed; thyself; the pronoun which is used in addressing persons in the solemn or poetical style.

Art thou he that should come?
--Matt. xi. 3.

Note: ``In Old English, generally, thou is the language of a lord to a servant, of an equal to an equal, and expresses also companionship, love, permission, defiance, scorn, threatening: whilst ye is the language of a servant to a lord, and of compliment, and further expresses honor, submission, or entreaty.''

Note: Thou is now sometimes used by the Friends, or Quakers, in familiar discourse, though most of them corruptly say thee instead of thou.


You \You\ ([=u]), pron. [Possess. Your ([=u]r) or Yours ([=u]rz); dat. & obj. You.] [OE. you, eou, eow, dat. & acc., AS. e['o]w, used as dat. & acc. of ge, g[=e], ye; akin to OFries. iu, io, D. u, G. euch, OHG. iu, dat., iuwih, acc., Icel. y[eth]r, dat. & acc., Goth. izwis; of uncertain origin. The pronoun of the second person, in the nominative, dative, and objective case, indicating the person or persons addressed. See the Note under Ye.

Ye go to Canterbury; God you speed.

Good sir, I do in friendship counsel you To leave this place.

In vain you tell your parting lover You wish fair winds may waft him over.

Note: Though you is properly a plural, it is in all ordinary discourse used also in addressing a single person, yet properly always with a plural verb. ``Are you he that hangs the verses on the trees, wherein Rosalind is so admired ?''
--Shak. You and your are sometimes used indefinitely, like we, they, one, to express persons not specified. ``The looks at a distance like a new-plowed land; but as you come near it, you see nothing but a long heap of heavy, disjointed clods.''
--Addison. ``Your medalist and critic are much nearer related than the world imagine.''
--Addison. ``It is always pleasant to be forced to do what you wish to do, but what, until pressed, you dare not attempt.''
--Hook. You is often used reflexively for yourself of yourselves. ``Your highness shall repose you at the tower.''


Yours \Yours\ (["u]rz), pron. See the Note under Your.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

absolutive form of your, c.1300, on model of his, ours, etc. Yours truly "myself" is from 1833, from the common subscription of letters.\n\nIt is difficult to say what will succeed, and still more to pronounce what will not. I am at this moment in that uncertainty (on our own score,) and it is no small proof of the author's powers to be able to charm and fix a mind's attention on similar subjects and climates in such a predicament. That he may have the same effect upon all his readers is very sincerely the wish, and hardly the doubt, of yours truly,\n

[Lord Byron to John Murray, Dec. 4, 1813]


pron. 1 That which belongs to you (singular); the possessive second-person singular pronoun used without a following noun. 2 That which belongs to you (plural); the possessive second-person plural pronoun used without a following noun. 3 (non-gloss definition: Written at the end of a letter, before the signature.)


Yours may refer to:

  • The possessive pronoun version of you
  • "Yours", a 1943 commonly used but incorrect name of the World War II poem " The Life That I Have"
  • Yours, a form of valediction
  • "Yours" (Quiéreme Mucho) a popular song adopted from the Spanish song "Quiéreme Mucho"
  • Yours (album), a 2005 album by Sara Gazarek
  • Yours (film), a 2010 Spanish fantasy drama film
Yours (Quiéreme Mucho)

"Quiéreme mucho" is a criolla- bolero composed between 1915 and 1917 by Gonzalo Roig with lyrics by Augustin Rodriguez. It was first recorded in 1922 by singer Tito Schipa. In 1931, the English version, "Yours", was published in the United States. It featured lyrics in English written by Albert Gamse and Jack Sherr. Both versions have been extensively recorded and arranged by different musicians, becoming Latin music standard.

Yours (film)

Yours (Original Spanish title: Tuya) is a 2010 Venezuelan and Uruguayan fantasy drama film, directed by Ivan Mazza.

Yours (album)

Yours is the studio album by jazz vocalist Sara Gazarek. Gazarek's debut album was released by Native Language Music on August 23, 2005. The album peaked at number 10 on Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart.

Yours (song)

"Yours" is a song recorded by contemporary Christian singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. Written by Chapman and Jonas Myris and produced by Chapman and Matt Bronleewe, it was included as the fourth track on Chapman's 2007 studio album This Moment; a radio edit of the song containing a new verse was released as the third single from the album.

The album version of "Yours" received a positive reception from critics and Chapman has performed the song on his concert tours. The radio version of the song has been included on several compilation albums and peaked inside the top ten on the US Billboard Hot Christian Songs and Hot Christian AC charts; it also topped the Radio & Records Soft AC/INSPO chart, becoming Chapman's 45th career number-one single.

Yours (Ella Henderson song)

"Yours" is a song written and recorded by British singer and songwriter Ella Henderson. It was released 30 November 2014 via Syco Music as the third single off Henderson's debut studio album, Chapter One (2014). The song was co-written and produced by Josh Record. The single has gone on to sell in excess of 200,000 copies since its release, achieving BPI Silver accreditation.

Yours (Nathaniel album)

"Yours" is the debut studio album from Australian singer-songwriter, Nathaniel Willemse. It was released in Australia on 23 October 2015 and debuted at number 5 on the ARIA Charts.

Usage examples of "yours".

He has found their clothes, with yours and mine, which have convinced him at first that someone has killed them or at least abducted them most brutally.

But this last bombshell of yours, where you claim to swallow what amounts to a wagon spoke, we are fortunately in the position to test, partially at least.

Have I told you that this amazing ability of yours fills me simultaneously with profound admiration and the most burning envy?

Monday Night, 9 May 1887 Dear George, Old Boy, Yours of 6 May in hand, quite by accident being unopened, the accident being an injury to one of our tenants that called Sophie away all afternoon.

Nellie is obviously yours, though her devotion is doubly amazing when one considers the way you treated her.

Our cells are much smaller, more efficient, less prone to error, than yours, and we have many more of them.

Her heart now pumps blood that is identical to yours, which her cells have been modified to use.

When her tongues connect to your main arteries and veins, the two of you have a common blood supply, which can be respired through Errin lungs instead of yours when that is convenient.

It is the most reliable part of a man, and yours is now ten times as reliable.

The fact is that I enjoyed our little exercise at the beach -- yours and mine, that is.

Sir, as I could sense yours on Earth even as you visited Chatterford and I sallied forth to buy clothing.

Anunn Holdings 2204 Second Wharf Road City George: Yours of 16 June at hand.

I think she wanted to investigate my reaction, to compare it to yours, but she had no initial design upon Bessie.

Your skirts fly up easily enough, as I have already proven, but we both admire those rubies of yours, all three of them.

Very truly yours, Virginia Harris Man Station Postal Number 447 Manchester 22 July 1887 Miss Virginia Harris 79 Kelsea Way City Dear Miss Harris: The new lands are just that: new, with few amenities that Englishwomen expect.