How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word buire

aberdeenshire acquire acrospire adjudicataire admire affaire afire aire aker-spire alamire ambulacraire apeire apple-squire armoire arthrodire artire aspergoire aspire atire attire avire avodire ayrshire baal-fire back-fire backfire baignoire bale-fire balowe-fire baudelaire bazillionaire beausire bedfordshire beire belsire bemire beneficiaire berkshire besire besmire betire bewire billionaire bire bob-wire bonaire bonfire brazire brush-fire buteshire caernarvonshire calcaire cambridgeshire campfire capillaire casimire cease-fire ceasefire celibataire censitaire cessionaire chaffaire chaffire champhire chaptire childire chire ciboire cire clackmannanshire claire coal-fire coleire collire columbaire commanditaire commissaire commissionaire communautaire compire complaire concessionaire condesire confessionaire conservatoire conspire contemplaire cover-fire cross-fire crossfire cuire cuisenaire cunningaire death-fire debonaire dehire delire denbighshire derbyshire desespeire desire devire dire direct-fire disattire disdesire disempire dispaire dispeire disquire disspaire dissquire doaire doctrinaire drumfire dumbartonshire dumfriesshire dunbartonshire eire elginshire empire enfire enquire enspire enterfaire entire entoire envire escargatoire escritoire escrutoire esoundire espaire espeire espire espoire esquire esundire evapotranspire expire exquire extraordinaire faire fewtire fifeshire fire fleire flire fly-by-wire fonctionnaire for-hire fore-grandsire fox-fire french-peire functionaire functionnaire funiculaire gainshire gazillionaire geire get-of-sire gipsire gire glaire gleire gloire goodsire gossamire gotire goynire gramaire grandsire grimoire grimsire gudesire gunfire gypsire haire hang-fire haywire head-tire hedire hell-fire help-tire hetire hilaire hire histoire home-fire horse-hire huire hush-hire imaginaire immire impeire impire induire infire ingire inquire inspire interspire intire ire ivoire jaghire keire kideneire kindle-fire laissez-faire lapidaire legionnaire leptospire lire lottire luminaire maire manefaire manoire mar-fire martire matire mcintire megire meire memoire meritoire mesmoire messire metire microwire militaire milliardaire millionaire millionnaire mire misfire miss-fire missionaire mockaire moire monstuire mountire mousquetaire mulire multimillionaire muskateire musquetaire naquaire navire neal-fire necessaire needfire night-fire noire notaire notoire numeraire odire offire oire opinionnaire ordinaire overspire overtire oxfordshire papire parlementaire pathaire paupire peire pensionnaire perquire perspire pickmire pillionaire pin-fire pire pismire planshire plesire poire poitrinaire polyspire pompire pompoire portfire pourboire praemunire praire prefire preire preminire premunire prerequire prevenire priest-shire proletaire propire propitiatoire proprietaire protocolaire quabmire quackmire quadmire quagmire quaire quallmire qualmire quamire quavemire quench-fire questionnaire quire quobmire rafwire rampaire rampire rapid-fire re-aspire re-bemire reacquire readmire redesire redshire refectoire rehire reinquire reinspire reliquaire repertoire require respire retardataire retire retro-fire reuire revire rewire rire sacraire saguire sagwire saintuaire saltire salutaire samphire saphire sapphire satire satrapaire savoir-faire sawtire scare-fire scarre-fire scathefire scatire sceptire scire scritoire scrutoire secretaire seire sekire seminaire senatoire sepiostaire sheire shellfire shire sire skire slaire smother-fire snoire societaire solaire solidaire solitaire sondire sospire sparlire speire spire spitfire squire stationnaire steire stepsire stire stoire supire surefire suspire swire tempire territoire testamentaire theire tilgiddire tire toxaspire transire transpire trip-wire tripwire twire umpire unattire underwire undesire unentire unnecessaire unsatire unsquire untire unwire uraniumaire vaire valetudinaire vampire vansire veire venire verdoire vire viseire voluntaire wagmoire waire wayfire weddire wedire weire whamire wheire wild-fire wildfire wire womanshire yeire yire yvoire zaire zillionaire