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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A moire fringe unit monitors the horizontal azimuth of the beam as it sweeps so that it does not go out of alignment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Moire \Moire\ (mw[aum]r), n. [F. Cf. Mohair.]

  1. Originally, a fine textile fabric made of the hair of an Asiatic goat; afterwards, any textile fabric to which a watered appearance is given in the process of calendering.

  2. A watered, clouded, or frosted appearance produced upon either textile fabrics or metallic surfaces; moi`r['e].


Moir'e \Moi*r['e]"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Moir['e]ed; p. pr. & vb. n. Moir['e]eing.] Also Moire \Moire\ [F. moir['e].] To give a watered or clouded appearance to (a surface).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"watered silk," 1650s, from French moire (17c.); see mohair. As an adjective, moiré "having the appearance of watered silk," it is attested from 1823.


n. 1 Originally, a fine textile fabric made of the hair of an Asiatic goat. 2 Any textile fabric to which a watered appearance is given.


n. 1 A pattern that emerges when two grids are superimposed over one another, sometimes unintended or undesirable in many applications such as in weaving and screenprinting. 2 A fabric, often silk, which has a watery or wavelike appearance. vb. (cx transitive English) To give a watered or clouded appearance to (a surface).

  1. adj. of silk fabric; having a wavelike pattern [syn: watered]

  2. n. silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern [syn: watered-silk]

Moire (fabric)

In textiles, a moire ( or ), less often moiré, is a fabric with a wavy (watered) appearance produced mainly from silk, but also wool, cotton and rayon. The watered appearance is usually created by the finishing technique called calendering. Moire effects are also achieved by certain weaves, such as varying the tension in the warp and weft of the weave, or by running the fabric through engraved copper rollers. Silk treated in this way is sometimes called watered silk.

Moire (disambiguation)

Moire or Moiré may refer to:

  • Emmanuel Moire (born 1979), singer
  • Line moiré
  • Moire (fabric)
  • Moire deflectometry
  • Moiré pattern
  • Moiré, Rhône
  • Shape moiré

Usage examples of "moire".

She flexed the controls, watching the moire patterns of stress and acceleration shift, trying to correlate them with what she was feeling.

I bought a Moiré the first day it came on the market and spent a week locating its weak points.

Donderdag trouwden Georges en Lili en men was het er over eens, dat men haar een allerliefst, fijn bruidje vond, zoo als men haar in de kerk aan de zijde van haar bruidegom zag binnentreden, zeer bleek en blond in den witten nevel van haar sluier, haar lange sleep van zwaar blank moiré door Ben Van Raat en Nico Van Rijssel, als door twee miniatuurpagetjes, getorst, en gevolgd door den heer De Woude en mevrouw Verstraeten, den heer Verstraeten en Emilie, door de bruidsjonkers en bruidsmeisjes, door de getuigen en de overige leden der familie.

The ringing sets up something similar to a mental moire fringe interference pattern from which an experienced man can read the time differential with almost micrometer accuracy.

Ed teacher almost two decades ago affectionately if firmly referred to as The Big Picture, Kraft catches the total, pointillist effect: cars flaking off each other in the steady current, making a shimmering moire, like sheer curtains swaying in front of a screen.

The force of the cheerful, coherent sound resisted the moire that Antaeus directed toward them.

With Antaeus in charge of Deep Fields, those troops could be ruled immune to the touch of moire.

The moire fall had grown so thick now that only glimpses of the underlying program could be seen through the dual distortion of screens and moire.

I recall the sweetness of thy airs, and the temples, palaces, and pleasances thou containest, contained, will always contain, Amber, immortal city from which every other city has taken its shape, I cannot forget thee, even now, nor forget that day on the Pattern of Rebma when I remembered thee within thy reflected walls, fresh from a meal after starvation and the loving of Moire, but nothing could compare with the pleasure and the love of remembering thee.

But while some of the bounties caught the flash of moire and perhaps even fragmented glimpses of Deep Fields, Lydia's was a more pleasant while equally engaging prospect.

Ashes of roses was the color of the silk, with a wavy, moire antique pattern.

Pekins, damasks, lampas, painted moires, robes of shot gros de Tours, India kerchiefs embroidered in gold that could be washed, dauphines without a right or wrong side, in the piece, Genoa and Alencon point lace, parures in antique goldsmith's work, ivory bon-bon boxes ornamented with microscopic battles, gewgaws and ribbons -- he lavished everything on Cosette.

Pekins, damasks, lampas, painted moires, dresses of gros de Tours, Indian handkerchiefs embroidered with a gold which could be washed, dauphinés in the piece finished on both sides, Genoa and Alençon point, antique jewellery, comfit-boxes of ivory ornamented with microscopic battles, clothes, ribbons, he lavished all upon Cosette.

He had been a mousquetaire, and then, he was said to be very coquettish, that his handsome brown hair was very well dressed in a roll around his head, and that he had a broad girdle of magnificent moire, and that his black cassock was of the most elegant cut in the world.

As she came up to the plodding gravel cart she barely lifted the gloved hand that held the reins, and the plunging pair of pale horses swerved neatly and the elegant vehicle flashed past so close that, had he dared, Ralph might have reached up and touched one of those slim ankles in its high-buttoned patent leather boot which just showed under the tailored skirt of moire taffeta.