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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
bonfire night
▪ Firework displays thrill thousands on bonfire night.
▪ As a result, bonfire night 1991 saw the lowest accident figures for 20 years.
▪ Mum Debbie ran for cover cradling her baby as the firework sent a shower of fire towards bonfire night revellers in Litherland.
▪ The tyre warehouse burned down on bonfire night last year but hundreds of tyres were left buried under rubble on the site.
▪ If insects, worms and snails could scream, would you still light that bonfire?
▪ They then began to light bonfires, expressing their delight.
▪ The beacon was lit, and answering bonfires spread the happy news throughout the Maclean lands.
▪ Somebody had lit a bonfire and we sat round it chatting until we had dried our clothes.
▪ Ken must be making a bonfire.
▪ Firebug torches a building as if he were making a bonfire for his father to jump over.
▪ I tried to make a bonfire with them on the lawn.
▪ Then they made a bonfire of his father's music and his collection of imported Deutsche Gramophon records.
▪ It was a cool night and some one had made a bonfire on the sand.
▪ Dad had a bonfire going behind the garage.
▪ The bonfire will be lit at 7.00 p.m., with fireworks starting just 15 minutes later.
▪ They piled up scrap wood, boxes and other junk and made a big bonfire.
▪ A bonfire blazed inside a small circle of stones.
▪ Bees flying into a bonfire ... Troopers fought troopers.
▪ He dug his thumbs into the eyes, a red bonfire blazing at his chest, and heard an underwater bubbling squeal.
▪ In the middle a large bonfire had been constructed.
▪ On the dunes Angus had put a match to the bonfire which crackled, spat, and flared up.
▪ Saying a prayer, she flung herself into her captors' bonfire.
▪ Somebody had lit a bonfire and we sat round it chatting until we had dried our clothes.
▪ They then began to light bonfires, expressing their delight.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bonfire \Bon"fire`\, n. [OE. bonefire, banefire, orig. a fire of bones; bone + fire; but cf. also Prov. E. bun a dry stalk.] A large fire built in the open air, as an expression of public joy and exultation, or for amusement.

Full soon by bonfire and by bell, We learnt our liege was passing well.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Middle English banefire (late 15c.), originally a fire in which bones were burned. See bone (n.) + fire (n.).


n. 1 (context obsolete English) A fire in which bones were burned. 2 A fire to burn unwanted or disreputable items or people: proscribed books, heretics etc. 3 A large, controlled outdoor fire, as a signal or to celebrate something.


n. a large outdoor fire [syn: balefire]


A bonfire is a large but controlled outdoor fire, used either for informal disposal of burnable waste material or as part of a celebration.

Bonfire (album)

Bonfire is a five-disc box set by Australian band AC/DC, released in 1997, and remastered with a release in Digipak format in 2003. It was created as a tribute to the band's earlier singer Bon Scott and included the two disc soundtrack to the movie Let There Be Rock, some early unreleased tracks, a live recording from the Atlantic Records studio in New York and a remastered version of Back in Black.

The album was originally released in 1997 with the CDs all packaged individually in jewel cases, complete with full artwork. The original issue also features a poster, a backstage pass, keyring and a few other extras depending on the region. When the album was reissued in 2003 it was packaged in a large digipak, similar to a longbox, which featured either four- or five-disc trays. The four-tray versions contained the remastered Back in Black in its own case with booklet. All versions of the box feature a large book full of liner notes and rare pictures of the band, mostly from before Scott's death.

The boxset was the subject of a bit of derision from AC/DC fans for its limited content - two live albums (one previously released) and a select few rarities, as well as the Bon-inspired Back in Black, which of course does not feature Scott on vocals. AC/DC defended the release, stating that there was very little recorded by Scott that wasn't released.

Bonfire (band)

Bonfire (originally Cacumen) is a German heavy metal band, founded in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1972 by Hans Ziller. In 1986, based on the advice of the record company and the management, the band changed its name to Bonfire. The original founder Hans Ziller is still in the band and is the only one who has the rights to the Bonfire name.

Bonfire (song)

"Bonfire" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Craig Morgan. It was released in May 2009 as the third single from his album That's Why. It is only available on later presses of the album. The song entered the top 40 on the U.S. country charts in June 2009. It is his sixteenth single release. A Christmas version with new lyrics was released on November 24, 2009. Morgan wrote the song with Kevin Denney, Tom Botkin and Mike Rogers.

Bonfire (disambiguation)

Bonfire may refer to:

  • Bonfire, a large controlled outdoor fire
  • Bonfire Snowboarding, a manufacturer of snowboarding outerwear
  • Bonfire Studios, a video game company in Dallas, Texas
  • Aggie Bonfire, a tradition at Texas A&M University
  • Bonfire (band), a German heavy metal band
  • Bonfire (album), a 5 disc box set by the Australian band AC/DC
  • "Bonfire" (song), a song by American singer Craig Morgan from the album That's Why
  • "Bonfire", a song by Third Eye Blind from Ursa Major
  • "Bonfire", a song by rapper Donald Glover
  • "Bonfire", a track by Knife Party from Rage Valley
  • Bonfire (horse), a prizewinning dressage horse ridden by the Dutch equestrian Anky van Grunsven
Bonfire (horse)

Bonfire (March 21, 1983 – October 28, 2013), full name Gestion Bonfire, was an Oldenburg gelding that competed in dressage with Dutch rider Anky van Grunsven. Between 1991 and 2000, the pair competed in multiple national and international championships, including three Olympic Games and two World Equestrian Games. They won one gold medal and four silver medals at the Olympics and one gold and three silvers at the World Equestrian Games. Although known for having a hot temperament, Bonfire mellowed as he aged, becoming one of Van Grunsven's best horses – until she found his replacement, Salinero, she did not think she would ever find a horse to match Bonfire's talent. A statue of Bonfire stands in Van Grunsven's home town of Erp.

Usage examples of "bonfire".

When the weather turned bad, Jimmy kept him in the stall and started breaking Bonfire to bridle and harness.

For weeks Jimmy tied Bonfire in his stall or at the paddock fence for a few minutes each day, teaching the colt to stand tied and to respect the rope holding him.

Jimmy put a light bridle and bit on Bonfire and the colt did nothing but play with the bit while he moved about his stall.

They taught Bonfire to work on the longe, encircling them at the end of the long rope.

And for many hours each day, he stood beside him while Bonfire grazed in the infield of the track.

He walked Bonfire up and down the wooden loading ramp, getting him used to entering and leaving a van, which would be so much a part of his racing life.

And he walked him in and out of other sheds, now empty except for those of Miss Elsie, because Bonfire must get used to strange stalls and barns.

Tom brought the colt in from pulling the cart about the track, he would work over him the very same way as he would have done had Bonfire had a strenuous workout or race.

Tom, and he turned to Bonfire for comfort, spending every minute of the day with him and keeping busy.

He had a job here, and the best he could do was to teach Bonfire his lessons so well that Jimmy would have less to do when he returned to Coronet.

While Tom walked to the side of the cart as Bonfire pulled it around the track, he was thinking about Jimmy and wondering what was happening at Bedford.

Jimmy came to the stables he let Tom do all the work with the colt, and was content to tell him what to do with Bonfire and to watch them.

He said nothing to Jimmy, and spoke only to Bonfire through the long lines.

George were still in front of the shed when Tom brought Bonfire off the track.

And when he knew he might be pocketed by them, he pulled Bonfire out and made his drive for the wire.