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Pire may refer to:

  • Minor planet 3228 Pire
  • Settlement Pire, Karamoja in Uganda
  • Settlement Pire, Zenica-Daboj in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Settlement Pire, Boyacá in Colombia
Pire (Maglaj)

Pire (Maglaj) is a village in the municipality of Maglaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Usage examples of "pire".

Sans doute elle etait sur un point assez inquietante, mais il avait craint pire.

And I didn't need to know about the aerial garlic spraying Jose Franco was working on with some of the horticulture people at UCAC to try to slow down the little vegetable vam pires that have played such havoc with the local citrus crop over the past few years, ever since they got here in a cargo of imperfectly exorcised lemons from Greece.