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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Peg's with a few books, playing cards, solitaire board, jar of caramels.
▪ I ate and then watched Jack playing solitaire and losing.
▪ So I play patience, and solitaire.
▪ The old man sat playing solitaire at a card table in front of the stone fireplace.
▪ Without them, customer service departments would probably consist of one or two people playing solitaire in some small back room.
▪ Another solitaire! the only one I know.
▪ I ate and then watched Jack playing solitaire and losing.
▪ Peg's with a few books, playing cards, solitaire board, jar of caramels.
▪ So I play patience, and solitaire.
▪ Solving solitaire centres I have always envied John and Barbara's solitaire board.
▪ The old man sat playing solitaire at a card table in front of the stone fireplace.
▪ They taught me darning, knitting, embroidering, mending, solitaire, palm-reading, whatever they knew.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Solitaire \Sol`i*taire"\, n. [F. See Solitary.]

  1. A person who lives in solitude; a recluse; a hermit.

  2. A single diamond in a setting; also, sometimes, a precious stone of any kind set alone.

    Diamond solitaires blazing on his breast and wrists.
    --Mrs. R. H. Davis.

  3. A game which one person can play alone; -- applied to many games of cards, etc.; also, to a game played on a board with pegs or balls, in which the object is, beginning with all the places filled except one, to remove all but one of the pieces by ``jumping,'' as in draughts.

  4. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. A large extinct bird ( Pezophaps solitaria) which formerly inhabited the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigeuz. It was larger and taller than the wild turkey. Its wings were too small for flight. Called also solitary.

    2. Any species of American thrushlike birds of the genus Myadestes. They are noted their sweet songs and retiring habits. Called also fly-catching thrush. A West Indian species ( Myadestes sibilans) is called the invisible bird.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, "widow;" 1716, "solitary person, recluse," from French solitaire, from Latin adjective solitarius "alone, lonely, isolated" (see solitary). Sense of "a precious stone set by itself" is from 1727. Meaning "card game played by one person" is first attested 1746.


a. living or being alone; solitary n. 1 A person who lives alone; a recluse or hermit. 2 A game for one person, played on a board with pegs or balls, in which the object is, beginning with all the places filled except one, to remove all but one of the pieces by "jumping", as in draughts. 3 (context chiefly US English) Any of various card games that can be played by one person. Called patience in the rest of the world. 4 An extinct bird related to dodo, (taxlink Pezophaps solitaria species noshow=1), Rodrigues solitaire, that lived on the island of Rodrigues. 5 An extinct bird formerly believed to be related to the dodo, more precisely Réunion solitaire, (taxlink Raphus solitarius species noshow=1), now preferably Réunion ibis, (taxlink Threskiornis solitarius species noshow=1). 6 One of several American species of bird in the genus ''Myadestes'' in the thrush family. 7 A gem set on its own. 8 (context obsolete English) A black neck ribbon worn with a bag wig in the 18th century.

  1. n. a gem (usually a diamond) in a setting by itself

  2. extinct flightless bird related to the dodo [syn: Pezophaps solitaria]

  3. dull gray North American thrushes noted for its beautiful song

  4. a card game played by one person [syn: patience]

Solitaire (bird)

The solitaires are medium-sized mostly insectivorous birds in the genera Myadestes, Cichlopsis and ''Entomodestes '' of the thrush family Turdidae.

These are species of the Americas and Hawaii; especially in the latter part of their range, several island populations have gone extinct.


  • Myadestes
  • Cichlopsis
  • Entomodestes


Solitaire (disambiguation)

Solitaire or patience is a genre of tabletop games, consisting of card games that can be played by a single player.

Solitaire may also refer to:

Solitaire (film)

Solitaire is a 2008 independent coming of age drama film from director Victor Franko (Frank D'Agostino) and Rand Alan Sabatini of Rand Alan Studios with a cast of 10.

Solitaire (Neil Sedaka song)

"Solitaire" is a ballad written by Neil Sedaka and Phil Cody. Cody employs playing the card game of solitaire as a metaphor for a man "who lost his love through his indifference" - "while life goes on around him everywhere he's playing solitaire". The song is best known via its rendition by the Carpenters.

Solitaire (Laura Branigan song)

"Solitaire" is a song by American singer Laura Branigan. Written by Martine Clémenceau and Diane Warren, produced by Jack White and Robbie Buchanan, it was released in March 1983 as the lead single from Branigan's second studio album, Branigan 2 (1983).

Solitaire (ballet)

Solitaire is a one-act ballet created by Kenneth MacMillan in 1956 for the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet (later the Royal Ballet), London. The music is by Malcolm Arnold: his two sets of English Dances, with two new dances specially composed by Arnold, a sarabande and a polka.

The first performance was at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London on 7 June 1956. The principal character, called The Girl, was danced by Margaret Hill.

Solitaire (cipher)

The Solitaire cryptographic algorithm was designed by Bruce Schneier to allow field agents to communicate securely without having to rely on electronics or having to carry incriminating tools, at the request of Neal Stephenson for use in his novel Cryptonomicon. It was designed to be a manual cryptosystem calculated with an ordinary deck of playing cards. In Cryptonomicon, this algorithm was originally called Pontifex to hide the fact that it involved playing cards.

One of the motivations behind Solitaire's creation is that in totalitarian environments, a deck of cards is far more affordable (and less incriminating) than a personal computer with an array of cryptological utilities. However, as Schneier warns in the appendix of Cryptonomicon, just about everyone with an interest in cryptanalysis will know about this algorithm.

Solitaire (comics)

Solitaire is a superhero comic book created by Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson in 1993 for Malibu Comics. It was published consistently from November 1993 until September 1994, when the series was, with the eighth issue, turned into a mini-series to be cancelled at the twelfth issue.

The character appeared a few more times after the cancellation of his series: first, in the one-shot Ultraverse Double Feature #1, published in January 1995, second (in a warped Black September form) in Black September # Infinity, and finally in issues 6-8 of Prime vol. 2.

Solitaire is a crime-fighting superhero. He uses detective skills and a network of street-level informants to wage a one-man war on crime a la DC's Batman. He is not, however, without superpowers, as Batman is. Solitaire has a rapid healing ability (like Marvel's Wolverine) which allows him to recover from stab wounds, gougings, and even gunshots.

Solitaire was unique among superhero comic books of the early 1990s for its overt Oedipal themes and mainly realistic presentation of real-world atrocities, including: sexual-abuse, urban cults, gun-smuggling, corruption, insurance fraud, and drug use.

Of further interest, the covers of the first six issues act as panels in their own right; they bridge the narrative gap found between issues 5 and 6 of the series. After reading the last page of issue 5, the reader is advised to look at the covers of the issues published so far, then at the cover of issue six. Then they are prepared to read the first panel of issue six.

Solitaire (Neil Sedaka album)

Solitaire is a 1972 album by American singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka. The album, released after a successful English tour in early 1972, marked the comeback of Sedaka after a 10-year absence from the charts. Three singles were lifted from the album, "Beautiful You" (UK No. 43), "That's When the Music Takes Me" (UK No. 18; US No. 27), and "Dimbo Man". The album's title track, " Solitaire", later became a hit single for Andy Williams (1973) and The Carpenters (1975).

The album was produced at Strawberry Studios in Stockport, England, with the musical support of Graham Gouldman, Lol Creme and Kevin Godley who – together with the album's recording engineer Eric Stewart – would shortly become the successful pop band 10cc.

Sedaka opted to record at Strawberry after meeting Gouldman in New York and discovering his association with Stewart, Godley and Creme. The trio had recorded the single "Umbopo", which Sedaka liked, under the band name of Doctor Father.

His work with the four British musicians proved to be a pivotal influence on their collective decision to forge a career as a band. Gouldman recalled: "It was Neil Sedaka's success that did it, I think. We'd just been accepting any job we were offered and were getting really frustrated. We knew that we were worth more than that, but it needed something to prod us into facing that. We were a bit choked to think that we'd done the whole of Neil's first album with him just for flat session fees when we could have been recording our own material."

Sedaka recorded one more album with the band members.

The track "Better Days Are Coming" was reworked by Sedaka as the Japanese opening theme for the 1985 anime series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. The revised song became . This version was later translated back into English with new lyrics and retitled "Go Beyond the Time" by Richie Kotzen.

The Solitaire album was not released in the US initially, but eventually it was issued after Sedaka regained his popularity in his home country in 1974-75 with the release of the album Sedaka's Back. In West Germany, the album was released on the budget label RCA International, simply titled Neil Sedaka.

In 2010, BGO Records re-released the album on CD.

Solitaire (audio drama)

Solitaire is a Big Finish Productions audiobook based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Solitaire (Edenbridge album)

Solitaire is the seventh studio album by the Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge. Like its predecessor MyEarthDream, Solitaire also enlists the Czech Film Orchestra. Although the album features mainly symphonic metal, influences of power metal have also been observed.

Solitaire (musician)

Solitaire from Baltimore, Maryland was a one-man project with pioneering live-electronics created by James L. Callahan; who performed, wrote and recorded solo synth-pop music between 1983 and 1986. James Callahan (aka Solitaire) was the first “truly computerized” artist in the Baltimore area. As Solitaire, Callahan played keyboards and electronic drum machines as a one-man show.

Solitaire (Uri Caine album)

Solitaire is a solo album by pianist Uri Caine which was released on the Winter & Winter label in 2001.

Solitaire (Andy Williams album)

Solitaire is an album by American pop singer Andy Williams that was released in the fall of 1973 by Columbia Records. It made its first appearance on the Billboard 200 chart in the issue dated November 17, 1973, and remained on the album chart for 6 weeks, peaking at number 185. It entered the UK album chart the following month, on December 22, and stayed there for 26 weeks, during which time it made it all the way to number three. On January 1, 1974, the newly formed British Phonographic Industry awarded the album with Silver certification for sales of 60,000 units in the UK, and Gold certification from the BPI, for sales of 100,000 units, followed on January 1, 1975.

The first single from the album was the title track, which entered Billboard magazine's list of the 40 most popular Easy Listening songs of the week in the U.S. in the issue dated October 6, 1973, and stayed on the chart for nine weeks, peaking at number 23. Although the song did not make the magazine's Hot 100, it did make the top five in the UK, where it entered the singles chart two months later, on December 8, and reached number four during an 18-week stay. Williams's rerecording of another song from the album, "Remember", as a duet with his daughter Noelle resulted in another Easy Listening chart entry as of the January 5, 1974, issue that made it to number 30 over the course of seven weeks. A third song, "Getting over You", entered the UK singles chart four months later, on May 18, and lasted there five weeks, eventually getting to number 35.

Solitaire was released on compact disc for the first time as one of two albums on one CD by Collectables Records on February 19, 2002, the other album being Williams's Columbia release from the fall of 1972, Alone Again (Naturally). Collectables included this CD in a box set entitled Classic Album Collection, Vol. 2, which contains 15 of his studio albums and two compilations and was released on November 29, 2002. Solitaire was paired with the UK version of Alone Again (Naturally) (which was entitled The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)) as two albums on one CD by Sony Music Distribution in 2003.

Usage examples of "solitaire".

Par malheur, les plus vrais, les plus bienfaisants des sentiments ne peuvent vivre que dans un grand silence solitaire, au plus obscur de nos chairs, de nos sangs, de nos brumes.

He placed it upon the tray table beside the unfinished game of solitaire and the finished glass of Scotch, which he must now remember to call whisky when asking at the bar, and this was one of the few things he was unlikely to forget.

Behind him came the white horse Snowball with the glittery Madame Solitaire riding sideways on its bare back, facing the crowd, then the dapple-gray Bubbles with Clover Lee doing the same, both the steeds stepping high and prettily and nodding their heads so their plumes danced.

We turned first to the nearest relatives of the dodo for our supplemental DNA -- from the solitaire specimens that are still extant, and from the Nicobar pigeon.

In spite of it all, Rhion slept for hours, a breathless uncomfortable sleep on the eight-inch beam, tormented by cloudy dreams, while, unable to smoke, unable to pace, Sara fidgeted her way through endless games of solitaire and her father covered all the plaster within his considerable arm reach in a scrawled carpet of numerological abracadabra.

Ryan found Michael sitting at a table playing solitaire with a dogeared pack of cards.

Solitaire Station, out beyond the orbit of Mars, where the lightships are assembled and launched, vanishing in thousand-mile-long shatterings, and it happened to a man by the name of William Stamey, otherwise known as Barnacle Bill.

It all happened not so along ago on Solitaire Station, out beyond the orbit of Mars, where the lightships are assembled and launched, vanishing in thousand-mile-long shatterings, and it happened to a man by the name of William Stamey, otherwise known as Barnacle Bill.

A coat of rosy velvet, embroidered with gold spangles, a vest to match, embroidered likewise in the richest fashion, breeches of black satin, diamond buckles, a solitaire of great value on her little finger, and on the other hand a ring: such was her toilet.

She carefully put the opal set back in its box and reached for a yellow diamond solitaire ring.

He had both hands in his trousers pockets and seemed to Enderby to be playing the solitaire game known as pocket billards.

That demoted the former closing act, Captain Hotspur and Madame Solitaire, to next-to-close.

He had dealt with the anastomosis of the carotid in Didus ineptus, and now he came to the loves of the solitaire.

They were not the bones of a solitaire, far less those of a dodo, as he had half hoped, hut a mixed set of commonplace storks, cranes, and possibly one brown pelican.

If you have a deck of cards in a safe place, you should assume the enemy will at least entertain the thought that you are using Solitaire.