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The Collaborative International Dictionary

eire \eire\, n. Air. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see Irish.


Not to be confused with Erie, which is the name of a few places in New York and Pennsylvania.

is Irish for "Ireland", the name of an island and a sovereign state. The English pronunciation is .

Eire (Republic Of Ireland)
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Usage examples of "eire".

The Skaldic tribes were numerous, more numerous than the tribes of Alba and Eire, who had united to defeat the Tiberian army, the greatest military force the continent of Europa had ever seen.

From May through September the Fianna lived off the land, wandering, hunting, building rude bothies in the forests of Eire.

Within seconds the Eire men had snatched up Hori and Tiz and were riding for their lives as thousands of tons of snow and rock roared down on them.

If it were proclaimed an American interest that the resistance of Great Britain should be prolonged and the Atlantic route kept open for the important armaments now being prepared for Great Britain in North America, the Irish in the United States might be willing to point out to the Government of Eire the dangers which its present policy is creating for the United States itself.

Aedh Slane was high king and Fintan mac Dara was chief bard of Eire, word went out that the high king had determined to build a great hall at Tara.

It nestled in the roundest hills by the tallest trees in the deepest forest in all Eire.

Sloes, the rich summer plums of Eire, were heaped on a tray surrounded by strawberries, whortleberries, and rowanberries in sweet cream.

But the various revolutions of the last decades had turned their families into Vagabonds of an extraordinarily hard and dour cast, roaming around Eire in search of organized violence.

So far as I could tell, it was all about a pact made by the god Aengus with the Tuatha DeDanaan, which ended a drought and blessed the rain in perpetuity to the people of Eire so long as they honored him on that day.

We are the Ceile De,'' he said, savoring the name with evident pride, ``and one day soon our influence will stretch across Eire from one end of this island to the other.

Gnarled oaks, lush rolling meadows, standing stones, Celtic crosses, and strategically placed artificial crags evoked a fantasy landscape of Eire.

From among them he extracted a black and white outline map of Britain and Eire and smoothed it down across the desk.