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n. 1 A river in Yorkshire, England, which flows past Leeds and gives its name to the Airedale. 2 A river in northern France.


Aïre is a small locality in the Canton of Geneva. It is on the North bank of the river Rhone. It is near Le Lignon, a 1 km long block of flats.

Aire (Aisne)

The Aire is a river of northern France, crossing the departments of Meuse and Ardennes. It is a right tributary of the Aisne. Its source is near Saint-Aubin-sur-Aire in Meuse. It flows through the towns of Pierrefitte-sur-Aire, Clermont-en-Argonne, Varennes-en-Argonne and Grandpré, finally flowing into the Aisne in Termes.

Aire (Yuri album)

Aire is the eighth album by Mexican pop singer Yuri. It was released on November 22, 1987. It sold more than 700000 copies earning a Platinum disc 1. She started the Aire Tour, sponsored by Coca Cola.

It reached #8 in Latin Pop Albums in Billboard 2.

Aire (Pablo Ruiz album)

Aire is the seventh studio album by the Argentine singer Pablo Ruiz. It was released on January 21, 1997.

Usage examples of "aire".

He said that he had traveled all over the world when he was young and that he had studied opera in Milan and in Buenos Aires and as they rolled through the countryside he sang arias and gestured with great vigor.

Del otro lado de la verja, las araucarias no mitigaban su aire de pesadez.

Operation Bughouse, the First Battle of Klendathu in the history books, soon after Buenos Aires was smeared.

Buenos Aires, ciudad que no me atrae, como quien se acostumbra a su cuerpo o a una vieja dolencia.

I began to consider of the intelligible effect of honest loue, and withall of the cleerenes of the skies, the sweete and milde aire, the delightfull site, the pleasant countrie, the green grasse decked with diuersity of flowers, the faire hils adorned with thicke woods, the quiet time, fresh windes, and fruitfull place, beautifully enriched with diffluent streames, sliding downe the moist vallies betwixt the crooked hils in their grauelled channels, and into the next seas with a continued course softly vnlading themselues.

Brazilian colonies having permission to import from Buenos Aires each year 2000 fanegas of wheat, 500 quintals of jerked beef and 500 of tallow.

Silvia was much amused at my adventures at Aire and Amiens, and her charming daughter shewed much pity for the bad night I had passed in the guard-room.

El movimiento de la hamaca es igual al vuelo, porque la persona esta suspendida en el aire como un pajaro.

Then answered hee, Verily shee is a Magitian, which hath power to rule the heavens, to bringe downe the sky, to beare up the earth, to turne the waters into hills and the hills into running waters, to lift up the terrestrial spirits into the aire, and to pull the gods out of the heavens, to extinguish the planets, and to lighten the deepe darknesse of hell.

Then answered I, God forbid that I should commit such a crime, for though I could fly in the aire as an Eagle or though I were the messenger of Jupiter, yet would I have recourse to nest with thee : and I swear by the knot of thy amiable hair, that since the time I first loved thee, I never fancied any other person : moreover, this commeth to my minde, that if by the vertue of the oyntment I shall become an Owle, I will take heed I will come nigh no mans house : for I am not to learn, how these matrons would handle their lovers, if they knew that they were transformed into Owles : Moreover, when they are taken in any place they are nayled upon posts, and so they are worthily rewarded, because it is thought that they bring evill fortune to the house.

Buenos Aires epidemic of sightings of a saucerful of bald-headed dwarfs on a motorway.

The heavy seigniorage tax on gold and silver, and the costs of transportation by way of Panama, also sent a stream of contraband metal from Charcas to Buenos Aires, where it found eager buyers among the Portuguese traders from Brazil, who even founded the town of Colonia on the opposite bank of the estuary to facilitate their hazardous traffic.

All the same I was vexed at having to wait in Aire till the return of the messenger, whom I was about to send to the-moon!

Woody was nine goals, and he had ridden with Mariano Aguerre from Buenos Aires, Wicky el Effendi from Texas, Andres Diniz from Brazil, and dozens of other top goals.

Nymphs shew themselues deseruedly consorted with their amorous louers, curteous and affable: who with sweete and pleasant notes in measured verse, praise and commend one another without wearines, incessantly celebrating their turnes with excessiue delight, and extolling the triumphs, the aire also full of the chirpings of diuers pretie birds, yeelding a diffused charme.