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Usage examples of "noire".

Les joues creuses, avec des yeux de braise sous les meches grises de ses cheveux qui se tordaient hors de sa coiffe, noire, seche, muette, sa bouche ruinee, son menton menacant et son morne silence, affligeaient mon pere.

BETE NOIRE, Courtenay Youghal, and trying to enlist the influence which he seemed to possess over Comus for the purpose of furthering her hurriedly conceived project.

  The proximity of the land and the approach of women - a bête noire no less dreaded - seemed to flurry the brined spirit of the Granville’s’ mate.

Half the world's greatest poetry is simply 'Les echelles noires manquent de vessie,' translated into magic significance as, 'Black ladders lack bladders.

The older members of the community amongst which he had lived all his life remained faithful to him, but the younger men seemed to prefer the methods employed by his rival and bete noire, Mr Sampson Warrenby, an upstart of no more than fifteen years standing in the district.

In January 1998, she agreed to a Bushells tea television commercial with her bete noire Arthur Tunstall.

Victor Emmanuel laughed long and loudly, and so did his retinue, for Zanni was poking fun at the king's own bete noire, the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and his meddlesome mother, the Dowager Empress Sophia.

Willermoz founds Souverain Chapitre des Chevaliers de 1’Aigle Noire Rose-Croix.

This Frenchman gives an account of a white-booted turkey [prairie cock], an inhabitant of the Cote Noire.

Then came in Sir Sagramore le Desirous, Sir Dodinas le Savage, Sir Dinadan, Sir Bruin le Noire, that Sir Kay named La Cote Male Taile, and Sir Kay le Seneschal, Sir Kay de Stranges, Sir Meliot de Logris, Sir Petipase of Winchelsea, Sir Galleron of Galway, Sir Melion of the Mountain, Sir Cardok, Sir Uwaine les Avoutres, and Sir Ozanna le Cure Hardy.