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n. 1 (context obsolete English) The neck. 2 A hollow between two hills or peaks, especially with a road running through it; a vale.

Swire (surname)

Swire is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Claire Swire
  • Hugo Swire - English politician and Member of the British Parliament
  • Jim Swire - British doctor involved in the investigation of Pan Am Flight 103
  • Vivienne Westwood, née Swire - British fashion designer
  • Rob Swire - Australian record producer
  • John Swire (disambiguation)
  • Peter Swire American academic

Usage examples of "swire".

The city whirled around Corporal Buggy Swires as he gripped even harder with his knees, and then he swung the bird downwind and it landed with a staggering run on the top of the Tower of Art, the highest building in the city.

She heard, as if from a great distance, Swire shouting, and then from below the soggy, bursting sound of a wet bag as Hurricane Deck hit bottom.