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The Collaborative International Dictionary

a. (obsolete spelling of fair English) n. (obsolete spelling of fair English)


Faire may refer to:

  • Heloise and the Savoir Faire, a madonna-punk outfit based in Brooklyn, New York
  • How Weird Street Faire, an outdoor street faire and electronic music festival held every May in San Francisco
  • Laissez-faire, a French phrase meaning "let do, let go, let pass", borrowed into English to describe hands-off approach
    • Laissez Faire Books, an online bookseller of the libertarian movement
  • Savoir-Faire, a piece of interactive fiction written by Emily Short
  • Scenes à faire, a principle in copyright law
  • Science Faire, a compilation album by indie pop group The Apples in Stereo
  • Vintage Faire Mall, a shopping mall located in Modesto, California
  • Virginia Browne Faire (1904-1980), American silent-film actress
  • West Coast Computer Faire (1977-1989), former annual computer industry conference and exposition
  • Maker Faire, an DIY related event created by Make magazine

Usage examples of "faire".

Ma chambre devint le rendez-vous des vieux capitaines comme des jeunes sous-lieutenants: les premiers me faisaient faire leurs campagnes, les autres me confiaient leurs amours.

Croyez-vous avoir les gens et les moyens convenables pour faire courte et bonne besogne?

Novelli le vit, au fin bout de son banc, agiter les mains devant la figure des parleurs, pour les faire taire.

In the end she promised a great reward to my keeper for the custody of me one night, who for gaine of a little money accorded to her desire, and when I had supped in a Parler with my Master, we departed away and went into our Chamber, where we found the faire Matron, who had tarried a great space for our comming : I am not able to recite unto you how all things were prepared : there were foure Eunuches that lay on a bed of downe on the ground with Boulsters accordingly for us to lye on, the Coverlet was of cloth of Gold, and the pillowes soft and tender, whereon the delicate Matron had accustomed to lay her head.

If Rune and Talaysen wished to play in the streets of the city, or within one of the inns, they could purchase a busking permit and do so, but only Guild musicians and their apprentices would be playing inside the Faire.

I said I was thinking about hitting Northern Faire in the fall, maybe stay up in San Fran after, if the busking was good.

The seas were quiet from winds and tempests : the heaven had chaced away the clouds, and appeared faire and cleare with his proper light.

Attendez-moi ici mon cher monsieur, je vais me faire la barbe et nous partirons ensemble.

Thanks to the journalists who were onto Bill Hicks first: Len Belzer, Michael Barnes, Jack Boulware, Bill Brownstein, Lawrence Christon, Michael Corcoran, Bob Daily, Frank DiGiacomo, Robert Faires, Allan Johnson, Gerald Nachman, Mike Sager, Edith Sorenson, Michael Spies, Ernest Tucker, and Rick Vanderknyff.

The thirst which I had gotten the daie before was so increased, that I was prouoked now to slacken the same, or rather inticed with the faire beautie of the instrument, the coolenes whereof was such, as betwixt my lippes me thought it stirred and trembled.

Louis XI, crois-tu que ce soit pour de pareils oiseaux que nous faisons faire des cages de trois cent soixante-sept livres huit sols trois deniers?

I began to consider of the intelligible effect of honest loue, and withall of the cleerenes of the skies, the sweete and milde aire, the delightfull site, the pleasant countrie, the green grasse decked with diuersity of flowers, the faire hils adorned with thicke woods, the quiet time, fresh windes, and fruitfull place, beautifully enriched with diffluent streames, sliding downe the moist vallies betwixt the crooked hils in their grauelled channels, and into the next seas with a continued course softly vnlading themselues.

Deldique-Defrenne et la famille, ont la douleur de vous faire part des morts de M.

It was a youthful figure, all right 22 or so years of age in spite of the voluminous genuine blond mustache that thrust itself fiercely out each side of the slightly fattish face a mustache that looked as though it might have been grown at behest of lady faire!

Palerme et faire part au roi du gigantesque complot qui se tramait en sa faveur.