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I liked Stires, who had no social standing, even on Naapu, and disliked Follet, who had all the standing there was.

And because Follet and I were both in what Naapu would have called its best circles, I never talked about Follet, though I liked him no better than Stires did.

On my word, as I saw Follet curving his spinal column, and Schneider lighting up his face with his perfect teeth, I thought with an immense admiration of the unpolished and loose-hung Stires amid the eternal smell of tar and dust.

She dug out her key card, automatically glancing down to make stire the tape across the door was secured.

Anyhow, Stires was a temperance man: he took only one or two drinks a day, and seldom went beyond a modest gin-fizz.

And the discouraged Stires beat, with his spanner, a refrain to his involuntary epigram.

For a man who had damned Schneider up and down for making presents to a lady, Stires reacted disappointingly.

And then, within twenty-four hours of the time when I had left Stires, things began to happen.

I thought Stires could look out for himself, so long as it was just Ching Po.

I could almost reconstruct the ignoble pidgin-splutter in which Ching Po had told Stires, and was even now telling Follet.

At all events, I would not tell Stires how seriously she had loved him.

When you stop to think of it, Stires and his prejudices had no business in such a place, and nothing in earth or sky or sea could have foretold them to the population of that landscape.

Christopher Stires lives in Southern California with his wife, Annie, and daughter, Katie.

Beany he took a glass and drunk it and lit a cigar, a sweet firn one and said how is trade, and i said they is quite a little stiring, and he said have you got mutch stock and i said most sold out but they is plenty more where that come from and Beany he said dont you want to by my stuff and i said no i gess not.

At the end of the third week of the month Freye reported to Crookes that Cressler was "in," and promptly negotiations were opened between the clique and the great banking house of the Stires.