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Word usage examples

Flx-IT's sky-blue pickup he drove home from the Oswego County Courthouse, eleven miles to the nickel-colored trailer in the ruin of an apple orchard on Barndollar Road, Iroquois Point.

In the yellow pages of the Oswego County telephone book, where he'd placed a small cheery ad both Carpentry and Handyman.

The real estate woman, from Oswego, who sold John property liked to say he reminded her of Montgomery Clift as a sexy in Red River which played sometimes on late-night TV.

In any case, in Oswego County, it wasn't uncommon to men, many of them good family men, who'd "spent time," as kids, in or another prison facility.

This windy-bright March morning John Heart was walking quickly in corridor outside family court, at the first-floor rear of the Oswego County Courthouse.

Briefly in Oswego, and Watertown and Sackets Harbor (in a fishing shanty on the lake).

Aaron Leander Heart's Glass Ark was a bona fide tourist attraction seventy miles beyond Oswego on the lake.

Later in the day she was to meet in her attorney's office in Oswego with Jordan Leavey and the two attorneys, directed by to work at a settlement.

He's just an Oswego attorney, specializes in child custody, he and Jordan's attorney apparently know each other, they might be in collusion, how would I know?

And since Aaron Leander's death, the HARTSSOFT checks made out to his grandfather were continuing, flowing into an account established in an Oswego bank for the of The Glass Ark.