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Osbert is a male given name and a surname.

It may refer to:

Given name:

  • Osbert or Osberht of Northumbria (died 867), King of Northumbria
  • Osbert or Osbeorn Bulax (died c. 1054), son of Siward, Earl of Northumbria
  • Osbert de Bayeux ( fl. 1121−1184), medieval English cleric and archdeacon
  • Osbert of Clare (died in or after 1158), monk, elected prior of Westminster Abbey and briefly abbot, writer, hagiographer and forger of charters
  • Osbert of Dunblane (died 1230), Bishop of Dunblane
  • Osbert de Longchamp (c. 1155–before 1208), Anglo-Norman administrator
  • O. G. S. Crawford (1886-1957), English archaeologist and a pioneer in the use of aerial photographs in his field
  • Osbert fitzHervey (died 1206), Anglo-Norman royal judge
  • Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986), English cartoonist, author, art critic and stage designer
  • Osbert Mackie (1869-1927), English rugby union centre and Anglican priest
  • Osbert Molyneux, 6th Earl of Sefton (1871-1930), British courtier and Liberal politician
  • Osbert Mordaunt (1876-1949), English cricketer
  • Osbert Peake, 1st Viscount Ingleby (1897-1966), British Conservative Party politician
  • Osbert Salvin (1835-1898), English naturalist, ornithologist and herpetologist
  • Osbert Sitwell (1892-1969), English writer


  • Alphonse Osbert (1857-1939), French painter
  • William Fitz Osbert (died 1196), champion of the poor in London

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