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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1957, abstracted from colostomy, etc.; ultimately from Modern Latin stoma "opening, orifice," from Greek stoma "mouth" (see stoma).


n. 1 (context surgery English) A surgical procedure to provide an exit point for the waste of an organism. 2 (context medicine English) An exit point created by such surgical procedure.


n. surgical procedure that creates an artificial opening for the elimination of bodily wastes

Usage examples of "ostomy".

You know -- things like diaphragms, slimming trunks, valves, medical sheaths and probes, urinary rubbers, colostomy tubing, diagnostic fingerstalls, sphygmomanometer bulbs, ostomy bags, veterinary gloves, soil test membranes, gaiters, diving hoods, neck and cuff seals, pneumatic face masks, shot blast capes, helmet covers, incontinence stockings, specialized prophylactics.