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Oshiro or Ōshiro is the transliteration of several Japanese surnames. One of the names, 大城, means "big castle".

People with the name include:

  • Gackt (born 1973), Japanese singer-songwriter and actor has probable birth surname Oshiro
  • Kaz Oshiro (born 1967) artist based in Los Angeles
  • Kūron Oshiro (尾城 九龍, born 1961) Japanese musical composer and arranger
  • Matsumi Ōshiro (大城 松美, fl. 1980–1990), Japanese voice actress
  • Miwa Oshiro (大城 美和, born 1983), Japanese gravure idol, model and actress
  • Nick Oshiro (born 1978) American musician, drummer of the industrial metal band Static-X
  • Tatsuhiro Oshiro (大城 立裕, born 1925), Okinawan novelist and playwright
  • Toshihiro Oshiro, Japanese martial artist

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