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Osinja ( Serbian Cyrillic: Осиња) is a village in the municipality of Derventa, Republika Srpska.

The 1991 census recorded 1890 residents in the municipality, including:

  • 1853 Serbs (98.04%) (See: Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 3 Croats (0.15%) (See: Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 0 Muslims by nationality ( Bosniaks) (0%)
  • 30 Yugoslavs (1.58%)
  • 4 others (0.21%)

According to the last census (2013.) population of village was 1407. Reason of population decline is that many people left country because of economic reasons and many of them now live and work in Austria,Germany,Slovenia,Italy etc. Also many of people migrated to nearby towns, especially Derventa.

This village is the most populated in municipality of Derventa. Residents of Osinja are mostly farmers, and many of them travel to work to municipality center Derventa. Osinja has one elementary school, infirmary, some shops and cafes in center of village. Near center is Serbian orthodox church of St. Panteleimon. The village has interesting position because it is in triangle of three towns: Derventa, Doboj and Prnjavor. In south of the village is the river Ilova which represents the border of municipalities Derventa and Stanari.