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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Osages \O*sa"ges\, n. pl.; sing. Osage. (Ethnol.) A tribe of southern Sioux Indians, now living in the Indian Territory.

Usage examples of "osages".

Here Pierre Dorion met with some of his old comrades, with whom he had a long gossip, and returned to the camp with rumors of bloody feuds between the Osages and the loways, or Ayaways, Potowatomies, Sioux, and Sawkees.

But the case is far different with regard to the Osages, the Kanzas, the Pawnees, and other roving hordes beyond the frontiers of the settlements.

And, nowadays, even the Osages pretty much stay out of the Arkansas Chiefdom altogether.

But it's getting to the point now where the Osages will talk to the Cherokees, and a Kiowa won't try to kill a Cheyenne on sight.

The Osage readily consented, and from this happy union there soon came the village and the nation of the Wabasha, or Osages, who have ever since preserved a pious reverence for their ancestors, abstaining from the chase of the beaver, because in killing that animal they killed a brother of the Osage.