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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ostmen \Ost"men\, n. pl.; sing. Ostman. [See East, and Man.] East men; Danish settlers in Ireland, formerly so called.


Östman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arnold Östman (born 1939), Swedish conductor and music director
  • Bror Östman (1928–1992), Swedish ski jumper
  • Peter Östman (born 1961), Swedish politician

Usage examples of "ostman".

Norse or Ostman kingdom in Ireland, and in 878 the Norse earldom of the Orkneys, while about the same time the first Vikings seem to have reached the White Sea and the extreme North of Europe.

British isles in the civilised West, through the Viking earldoms in Caithness, in the Orkneys and the Shetlands, in Man and the Hebrides, and on the coast of Ireland, where the Ostman colonies grew into kingdoms.

There was no question, he thought, that the tall Ostman with his red hair was a fine-looking man.

The vigorous, red-haired Ostman was like a spirited horse that one could only just control, she thought.

Secondly, they suppose that, because they have close family ties to the Ostman King of Dyflin, that they will be honoured by I any Ostmen who invade.

The advanced guard reunited with Ostmen and Orkneyers in the Scilly Isles, and in Cornwall, and pressed on to the plunder of the Bay of Biscay and its coasts.

But now there is a third realm, Morann, the realm of the Ostmen, with their ports and their trading across the high seas.

The High King has a kingdom, but the Ostmen have an empire, all over the seas.

Morann suspected that the Ostmen of Dyflin would be seeing more of this new kind of ruler than they had been used to, and that this foolish revolt had probably given Brian just the excuse he was looking for to assert his authority in the place.

So it was not surprising if the Ostmen nowadays were often vague about their religious beliefs.

As well as its Celtic name of Ben Edair, the Hill of Edair, it had acquired a Norse name also nowadays, for the Ostmen called it Howth.

If Brian Boru loses this battle now, we shall have Ostmen from all over the northern seas descending upon us.

Latin-looking men who would tell you they were Danish-you could speak of Ostmen and Irishmen, Gaedhil and Gaill, but the truth was that you could hardly tell one from the other.