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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ostent \Os"tent\, n. [L. ostentus, ostentum, fr. ostendere (p. p. ostensus and ostentus) to show. See Ostensible.]

  1. Appearance; air; mien.

  2. Manifestation; token; portent.

    We asked of God that some ostent might clear Our cloudy business, who gave us sign.


n. 1 appearance; air; mien 2 manifestation; token; portent

Usage examples of "ostent".

And perhaps he would be able to understand why the earth is an opaque mirror that swabs with ink what it reflects, and water a wall that makes diaph­anous the shadows imprinted on it, whereas images in the air never find a surface from which to rebound, and so penetrate it, fleeing to the farthest limits of the aether, only to return sometimes in the form of mirages and other ostents.