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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ostend \Os*tend"\, v. t. [L. ostendere to show.] To exhibit; to manifest. [Obs.]

Mercy to mean offenders we'll ostend.
--J. Webster.


vb. (context obsolete English) To exhibit; to manifest.


Ostend ( ; ; ) is a Belgian coasted city and municipality, located in the province of West-Flanders. It comprises the boroughs of Mariakerke, Raversijde, Stene and Zandvoorde, and the city of Ostend proper – the largest on the Belgian coast.

Ostend (Frankfurt am Main)

The Ostend is a city district of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is part of the Ortsbezirk Innenstadt IV.

The Frankfurt Zoological Garden, the East Harbor, the former Großmarkthalle and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management are some of the well-known institutions in the Ostend. Since 2010 the European Central Bank is building their new seat close to the Großmarkthalle at the Main river.

The Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium and the Hoch Conservatory are also located in the Ostend.

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Ostend (disambiguation)

Ostend is a major coastal city in Belgium.

Ostend or Ostende may also refer to:

Usage examples of "ostend".

King Leopold, who is said to contemplate using all the land between the outskirts of Ostend and Le Coq for sporting purposes, paid a large sum, very many thousands of francs, out of his own pocket, and the golf-links at Le Coq were laid out.

Dogtails and Hard Fescue, Fiorin and Clover, not to mention Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass and Perennial Rye Grass grew where it had no business to grow at all thrusting through the cobblestones of the streets, choking the harbors and running riot across the dunes of Ostend and Scheveningen.

The two ladies from Liege and their cavaliers were embarking for Ostend in a few days, and in speaking of their departure the one to whom I had taken a fancy said that she was sorry to be leaving England without having seen Richmond.

Like Scaglia, the cardinal-infante was apprehensive about French intentions regarding the League of Ostend and had encouraged Scaglia to maintain and broaden his contacts with the French exile community in Brussels and elsewhere.

He decided to aim for the German border and take the long route back to England, from Hamburg or Bremerhaven, rather than the shorter, more obvious route via Calais or Ostend.

It was with the utmost surprise the king heard, that without any previous consent of yours, and almost without giving you any notice, the court of Vienna had thought proper to put the towns of Ostend and Nieuport into the hands of the French troops, and to withdraw her own, as well as her artillery and stores, whilst France continues to send thither a formidable quantity of both.

Dunkirk and Ostend against Dutch shipping, and the Dunkirkers are none too picky about their targets.

September 7, the information before us showed that the westerly and southerly movement of barges and small ships to posts between Ostend and Havre was in progress, and as these assembly harbours were under heavy British air attack, it was not likely the ships would be brought to them until shortly before the actual attempt.

Ostend had been completely rebuilt and fortified eighteen years previously, and was defended by ramparts, counterscarps, and two broad ditches.

The family sailed for Ostend, and I accompanied them to the mouth of the Thames.

Though, to be sure, on the one occasion when Philip had visited the Rhine and Switzerland, he had grumbled most consumedly from Ostend to Grindelwald, at those very decimal coins which the stranger seemed to admire so much, and had wondered why the deuce Belgium, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland could not agree among themselves upon a uniform coinage.

He said that he had just received an urgent letter from the Dutch governor of Sluys, saying that Patina's army was advancing from Bruges towards the city, and had seized and garrisoned the fort of Blankenburg on the sea coast to prevent reinforcements arriving from Ostend.

He concealed rather than ostended this curious confirmatory circumstance, as he considered it would unfavourably affect his prospects in a new situation.